10 Professional Tips to do Research Effectively

Professional tips to work

Being a writer, a teacher, or a student, effective research is always an imperative part of your daily routine. There are several contributing factors that directly or indirectly affect your research skills. For instance, deadlines, research topic, research type, research-related activities, guidelines, and many more. As a researcher, you must know effective research strategies to control the work pressure and meet the ultimate deadlines of proposal submissions, presentations, or publications.

The fact is that a researcher needs to come up with an intellectual piece of work. For that, extensive research is required from all mediums so that the core value of the subject could be withdrawn. There should be a set of actions and strategies in place that help face all the common challenges researchers usually face. These include:

Time Management

Poor time management leads to poor research. Researchers often face stress and delays with ineffective research content. To streamline the process, you must follow the deadlines for each research module.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is crucial for researchers to make efficient use of browsers, search queries, and productivity apps that contribute to a seamless research process. 

Unclear Direction

Research takes unexpectedly more time when the subject and its content are unclear.

Here the importance of research skills comes into play.

Below are the professional tips to do research effectively.

  1. Plan Ahead

Planning should be the foremost thing researchers must do. Plan your research journey to explore the tasks and activities. Once the list of tasks is clear, you can assign deadlines. For instance, a general research process includes basic know-how, literature review, methodology, data collection, data analysis, visual representation, and finally the write-up. Once you have planned all the processes step-wise, it becomes easy for you to plan the journey accordingly.

There are different types of research for which the steps and methods vary. For instance, in the case study research strategy, your approach would be different from the quantitative research strategy. 

  1. Technical Knowledge and Tools

This is a very important tip that most of the researchers miss and therefore face trouble throughout the research. Technical knowledge is important for researchers as it covers the understanding of using browsers, bookmarks, folders, scholarly sites, citations, etc., and some browser extensions that could be helpful in research.

Similarly, tools and productivity apps play a vital role in streamlining the workflow of research. A researcher can save a significant amount of time with the help of tools that eliminate the headache of time-consuming tasks. For instance, SmartWindows is a useful app for researchers. It has the capability of browser restoration and auto-arrangement of desktop apps. It helps researchers:

  • Save the arrangement of multiple apps on the desktop screen and restore it anytime
  • Restore the browser tabs on one or many browser windows
  • Remember the display position and window size of each app
  • Save the time of opening browser tabs manually every time 
  • Restore MS Office files with one click
  • Increase productivity and multitask efficiently
  • Create up to 6 displays and unlimited profiles
  1. Target Audience

Figure out your target audience first before writing. Consider the expectation of the audience from the research you have done. Be very clear about writing style, so that the audience with less background knowledge could grasp it easily. 

  1. Use Project Management Tools

There are several project planning and management tools available that you can use to make a structured plan for your project. It is an effective research strategy for students. You can track each task easily and maintain a calendar on it. Trello and Asana are two popular and easy-to-use project management tools that you can use to monitor the progress of your research.

  1. Assign Realistic Deadlines

Split the bigger tasks into smaller ones and assign deadlines against each. For example, if you are doing ‘Qualitative Research’, then you can divide the ‘Methodology’ step into a questionnaire, interview or survey, data collection, data analysis, and hypothesis. Make your own timelines and keep some buffer to achieve them in a realistic manner.

  1. Research and Write Efficiently 

Whenever you find some valuable information or data related to your study, copy and paste it into a document immediately. For this, you can split your screen into two parts. Open browser in one and MS Word in the other half. You can save this screen configuration using SmartWindows. It would help you auto-arrange the files with exactly the same display position and window size as you saved. Save your time and research efficiently using SmartWindows.

  1. Stay Consistent with Writing Style

Decide the writing style initially. Carefully look at the writing style that publications use. Try to emulate the style and follow the guidelines from the start. Stick to one format for layout, headings, images, and tables, etc. to save time. 

  1. Write Simple and Proofread

Write straightforward and clear. The simpler you’ll write, the easier it would be for readers to read. Always take out a hard copy of your research paper. Proofread twice to correct the mistakes.  

  1. Research Effectively

How to research effectively online? Your research on the subject is one of the challenging tasks. The need is to dig out all the previous work that has already been done regarding your research area. From publications to patents, search the main jargon in multiple search engines to obtain maximum results. In this process, your skills to research on the internet must be very strong.

Save the URLs and browser tabs in each browser. Whether it be Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, open the tabs in each and save the profile using SmartWindows. Once saved, you can easily auto-restore them with one click. SmartWindows restores the tabs in the same order and saves your time and effort of reopening again. You can create folders of related URLs and useful materials to easily access them when you need them. Moreover, bookmark the reference papers to open them with one click.

  1. Visual Presentation

It is advised for researchers to always incorporate the results in graphical form. Present hypothesis and results that are drawn from research in graphical or tabular form for clear understanding. Graphical information helps identify and understand the patterns easily. It enables quick analysis and aid in making effective and informed decisions.

Windows Split Screens vs Snap Layouts: What’s new?

Microsoft Windows Split Screens

Microsoft has always given powerful capabilities to its users to work efficiently. 

Split-screen in Windows 10 and Snap Layouts in Windows 11 have always served the purpose of maximizing productivity. These features enable the user to work on many apps simultaneously without switching between them back and forth in the taskbar. You can arrange apps on your desktop screen in such a way that access to more than one app could become easy. For example, by splitting screens, you can research and write at the same time.

Split Screen

With Split Screen in Windows 10, you can divide your screen from two to more portions based on your work preferences and the number of apps you are working on. 

How to Split Screen on Windows 10 using ‘Snap Assist’?

Follow the steps below to split screen on Windows 10.

  • Go to Settings, click on System.
  • Select Multitasking from the list.
  • From Snap options on the right side, turn on the sliders. This will enable the Snap features on Windows 10.
  • Choose one option from all available options of ‘Snap Assist’.
  • Arrange the windows of all the apps you are working on and drag them accordingly.

You can also open and arrange the apps manually on your computer screen.

  • Open the apps you are working on.
  • Resize the window size of each app and adjust its position on the screen.
  • You can open more than two apps based on your work needs.
  • Arrange the apps in such a way that you could work on them efficiently.

Both ways help you save time and work in a highly organized manner in Windows 10.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 has introduced an intuitive feature of ‘Snap Layouts’ and ‘Snap Groups’. Windows users can use these features to maximize productivity and multitask in a much more efficient way. Snap Layouts provide you with a clutter-free screen for a particular work zone. A visually clean interface makes it easy for you to work on multiple desktop apps at the same time. It also ensures a streamlined workflow.

Snap Layouts has 4-6 layout options depending on the screen resolution and size. For standard and ultra-wide screens, four and six layout options are available respectively. The users can select the one that best meets their work needs.

The six grid options of Snap Layouts include:

  • 50/50 split for two windows
  • 70/30 split for two windows
  • Three windows split equally
  • 50/25/25 split for three windows
  • 25/25/25/25 split for four windows
  • 25/50/25 split for three windows

How to use Snap Layouts in Windows 11?

Follow the steps below to use Snap Layouts.

  • Hover the mouse on the maximize button on the app’s window.
  • You will be able to see available layout options.
  • Select the one according to your choice.
  • Choose apps and fill the slots to snap windows.

Snap Layouts enable an organized way to work and multitask.

Split-Screen & Snap Layouts – How Smart Layouts Boost Both?

Smart Layouts by SmartWindows empower the use of Split-screen and Snap Layouts in Windows 10 and 11 by giving them the capability to get auto-arranged on one or many screens with a single click.

Smart Layouts help Windows users to maximize work productivity by eliminating the overhead of arranging apps on the screen every time before getting started to work. Use Split-screen and Snap Layouts to set your work zones, study profiles, or entertainment presets. SmartWindows can be used to save the screen configuration. You can auto-restore the screen setting with one click whenever you need.

SmartWindows helps Windows users:

  • Auto-arrange the desktop apps at exactly the same display position with the saved window size
  • Create unlimited profiles and multiple displays 
  • Restore the browser tabs and windows on one or multiple screens
  • Auto-arrange the MS Office files 
  • Auto-restore the Split-screen and Snap Layouts 

Make Windows more powerful with SmartWindows!

How to Improve Dual Monitor Productivity At Home And In The Workplace

dual monitor productivity

Fire Up your Work-From-Home (WFH) & Workplace Arrangements with Dual Monitors!

We all want to be productive at work but due to constant interruptions and inefficient setup, we face delays. The need of the hour is to employ smart means to study, work, game, and whatnot and boost multitasking. A dual monitor setup is one solution for organized and simple work-from-home and workplace arrangements. A dual monitor increases productivity as you don’t have to switch between the desktop apps or click back and forth to access multiple apps simultaneously. 

A dual monitor setup instead gives a fish-eye view of all apps you are working on. You can open multiple apps on dual screens, arrange display positions and adjust the window size of each app according to your work preferences. Once you have made customized work zones, it becomes easy for you to work on multiple apps at the same time. This not only increases productivity but also contributes to an organized work environment.

Why use Dual Monitors?

Arranging a dual monitor setup depends on the number and types of desktop apps you work on. For instance, if you are a project manager, you might use different project management tools for each project, data analytics tools, browsers, etc. It becomes quite inefficient to open, scroll, and switch between so many apps all the time that ultimately affects work productivity and you start feeling tired. Similarly, researchers, SAS programmers, and writers use a lot of apps on a regular basis that they can arrange and spread across dual monitors for easy access. On one monitor, you can open MS Office files or your primary app, whereas you can open multiple browser windows and trivial apps on the second monitor.

According to a research survey in the New York Times, considering dual monitors vs single monitor productivity, dual monitors increase productivity by 20-30%. With a source document always open in front of you, you do not need to open or close apps every time to get any sort of information. Dual monitors help you view all apps on enough visual display space and help get the job done in a fraction of time. 

Benefits of Dual Monitor Setup

Advantages of dual monitors in the workplace are:

  • Dual monitor setup ideas help maximize work productivity.
  • It allows you to view large data files at a glance without extreme switching between multiple apps.
  • It helps data analysts determine various performance parameters and graphical representations all at once to get meaningful insights from complex data patterns.
  • You can easily multitask and work in separate work zones at the same time.
  • A dual monitor setup allows you to work in a highly organized manner where all apps are arranged at a particular display position and a window size.

Boost Up your Dual Monitor Setup with SmartWindows

SmartWindows empowers the use of dual monitors with its capability of auto-arranging desktop apps anytime. One of the dual monitor productivity tips is to use SmartWindows on Windows 10 and 11 that saves your screen configuration on one or many screens. SmartWindows is a productivity app that allows you to auto-arrange all the desktop apps with one click. 

You can create unlimited profiles and up to 6 displays in Windows 10 and 11 using SmartWindows. Dedicate each profile to study, work, or entertainment-related activities, make screen presets and save them. You can auto-restore each work zone with one click and all your apps will be arranged automatically at the exact display position and with the same window size on the screen as you saved. SmartWindows eliminates the overhead of manually arranging apps on your dual monitors. You are all set to continue work with one click. 

SmartWindows improves work productivity and saves your precious time of opening and arranging apps every time before getting started to work. The following are some other capabilities of SmartWindows that can help you boost up your dual monitor setup at home or at the workplace:

  • Multi-tab and multi-browser support saves the URLs and maintains an active tab history. It restores the tabs and browsers on one or many windows with one click.
  • Support for multiple displays allows you to create multiple work zones and restore them anytime.
  • SmartWindows’ support for MS Office files reopens Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project files.
  • It saves the display position and window size of each app. 
  • Create unlimited profiles based on your work needs and organize tasks in separate displays. 

SmartWindows saves your time arranging apps on dual monitors every day. With just one click, you can auto-arrange apps on dual monitors. This is how you can improve dual monitor productivity at home and in the workplace. Work smart and power up your pace of work with SmartWindows!

How SmartWindows is a Great Solution for SAS Programmers


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programmers are the IT professionals who focus on data aggregation, manipulation, and analysis. SAS programmers need to make efficient use of their computers to ensure productivity and perform accurate statistical analyses of multiple projects. The daily activities of SAS programmers vary based on the projects and data they gather and analyze. However, there are some core duties that are associated with their role. Some of these include:

Import/Export of Data

Statistical programmers import and export the raw data to extract useful information and draw patterns from various datasets.

Database Management

Management of databases that contain huge information. It also includes data compilation and backup.

Datasets Creation 

SAS programmers write, create, and design programs to generate multiple datasets such as lists, tables, and graphs. Each data shows specific information and statistics.

Data Visualization and Analysis

The data is converted from raw form to readable one. Complex patterns are drawn from the huge datasets to determine the relationship between data, find the latest market trends, and discover demographic details, etc.


Based on the data gathered, SAS programmers make reports. The reports represent the tabular and graphical information and could also be in the form of PowerPoint presentations. 

All these duties highlight the need for high-end software and productivity apps that could assist statistical programmers to perform tasks in a highly organized and timely manner. Let’s have a look at how SmartWindows helps SAS programmers in their daily operations. 

SmartWindows – One Stop Solution for SAS Programmers 

SmartWindows is a perfect solution for tech-savvy people. A student, researcher, project manager, designer, programmer, or gamer can take full advantage of SmartWindows to do tasks in a much more efficient way. SmartWindows’ features and capabilities are absolute for everyone to multitask, organize the tasks, and increase productivity at work.

In SAS base programming, a programmer is supposed to work on multiple desktop apps simultaneously. The tools used by SAS programmers include:

  • Base SAS for data management and perform basic procedures
  • SAS/GRAPH for presentation and graphical analysis
  • SAS/ETS for Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
  • SAS/STAT for statistical analysis
  • SAS/QC for quality control
  • SAS/INSIGHT for data mining
  • Enterprise Guide for project management and GUI based coding
  • MS Office files such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • IDEs to code
  • Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge for research

All these tools are used by SAS programmers on a daily basis to perform multiple tasks. One of the primary issues is to view multiple files and apps on one desktop screen. A SAS programmer is supposed to switch between multiple applications and tools all the time. It is inefficient to open multiple apps on one screen with small window sizes. Excessive switching between these apps becomes tedious. Moreover, opening all the applications every day before getting started to work is very time-consuming. 

SmartWindows addresses all these issues with its productivity features. 

Multiple Displays & Profiles

SmartWindows supports up to 6 displays and unlimited profiles. As a SAS programmer, when you are working on a number of apps at the same time, create your work zones on multiple displays or profiles to work efficiently. Arrange a set of tools on each display to access and use them easily. It will help you reduce the number of clicks when it comes to switching between multiple apps. SmartWindows fully supports dual and multi-monitor setup. SAS programmers mostly work on multiple screens and SmartWindows empowers you with its productivity features.

Multi-Browser & Multi-Tab Support

SmartWindows’s support for browsers makes it easy for SAS programmers to open multiple browser windows and do research. SmartWindows maintains an active tab history and remembers the URLs of each browser window. You can restore browsers on one or many screens with a single click. This feature eliminates the need to remember the tab restoration steps of each browser separately. 

Auto App Restoration

The Auto-arrangement and auto-restoration feature of SmartWindows saves your time of opening and restoring the most-used apps on a daily basis. With just one time arrangement, save your screen configuration with SmartWindows and you can restore it anytime with just one click. This does not only save time but also contributes to increased work productivity. 


Work on multiple apps in parallel. SmartWindows optimizes the way you work. Instead of working on one app at a time, you can open multiple apps on one or many screens. Create multiple displays and arrange apps on each one, save their screen configuration, and switch between displays to multitask. In this way, a SAS programmer can manage the huge volume of data in a timely manner. You can also partition the data across multiple screens. It will not only make access faster but also help you work in an organized way.

Multiple Work Environments

Working on multiple datasets and with different tools is inefficient on a single screen. SmartWindows allows you to create multiple work environments. On one profile, you can create 6 work zones with different apps and files arranged in each. You can pull any screen anytime to switch between the work zones instead of accumulating more apps on a single screen.

Easy & Faster Programming

SAS programming involves multiple procedures and programs. A number of apps and coding platforms are used to test and deliver functionalities. To avoid a mess of data files, programs, and documentations, create multiple displays and profiles. Arrange the apps on the screen and adjust window size and display position according to your liking, and save the presets. You can restore each preset anytime when you need. SmartWindows makes SAS coding much easier and faster.  

360-degree View of Files & Datasets

SmartWindows’ support for MS Office files allows you to restore the files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Project with a single click. A SAS programmer can do work more effectively with a fish-eye view of all the data files and apps. The reason is that SAS programmers are supposed to visualize and produce reports from statistical procedures and deliver them on the applications and platforms that people use most. For testing and analysis, a unified interface is required that makes visualization seamless for the programmer.

SAS programmers often work with project managers to report and prepare the software reports. The data files contain the latest trends and visual information in the form of lists and statistical tables regarding a software product. For both project managers and SAS programmers, SmartWindows serves as a great productivity software that gives you more hands at work.

Simplify multitasking with SmartWindows!

Looking for the Best Productivity App? Try SmartWindows

Productivity app

Work-from-home has become a new normal. COVID-19 outbreak has influenced companies to transform the entire operational infrastructure to a virtual environment to minimize the risk of coronavirus spread. Amid this, the employees are facing potential challenges when it comes to keeping productivity intact. In this world of exponential technologies, take full advantage of innovation by using productivity apps on a regular basis.

Technology allows you to not spend time on tasks that can be done automatically. Just like SmartWindows that makes your Windows 10 & Windows 11 smarter enough that you do not need to arrange the apps every day or restore the browsers on every startup. It needs just a click to get you started on work with customized work zones and comfortable screen arrangements.

In this article, we will show how SmartWindows boosts your productivity and makes remote work easier than ever before.

Auto-Arrange your Desktop Apps

SmartWindows acknowledges the importance of your time.

What is the very first thing you do every day when you switch on your PC?

Open all the apps you work on a daily basis. Right? This task is not as simple for some. Whether you are a project manager, a software engineer, a designer, or even a student, you are supposed to open a number of desktop apps on which you work simultaneously. You spend a significant amount of time opening and arranging the apps on the desktop screen in a very neat and clean manner. The apps are positioned perfectly to view and access easily.

If your computer shuts down as a result of a sudden restart, power outage, or unexpected Windows updates, you lose all your screen arrangements. Again, you are supposed to go through the app opening and arrangement tasks that are very tedious and time-consuming. SmartWindows eliminates this overhead by giving more power to your Windows 10 & 11. 

  • It allows you to auto-arrange the apps you were working on with a single click.
  • SmartWindows restores the apps at exactly the same position on the screen as you set.
  • It restores the desktop apps with the same window size on the screen.
  • Intelligent app positioning eliminates the need to manually arrange apps on screen again and again.
  • This feature allows you to work smart, not hard.
  • It offers one of the best productivity hacks with which you do not need to do manual steps.


Work smart and not hard with SmartWindows! Download SmartWindows and get a 30-day free trial now!

Restore Multiple Browsers with Productivity App

Browsers are used for detailed research, comparison, or analysis. No matter in which job role you are, browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge play a critical role in your daily tasks. Most often when we are working on just one browser, we notice that the window starts accumulating with a number of tabs. While searching for a tab in the mess, an accidental click on ‘X’ closes your entire browser window.

Instead of following a number of steps to restore closed tabs, use SmartWindows to reopen them on one or many browsers. SmartWindows is productivity software that keeps your work productivity intact through its multi-browser and multi-tab support. 

  • It maintains an active tab history.
  • It remembers the URLs of each browser window.
  • It automatically restores one or multiple browser windows with a single click.
  • It eliminates the need of remembering the tab restoration steps of each browser.

Create your own Work Zones

With SmartWindows, you can create presets with different screen configurations and desktop apps. It is one of the best productivity apps that fully supports multiple work zones and screens. For instance, if there are multiple users of one PC, it gets very hard to manage the data and apps of each user. Also, it is challenging to manage the work and entertainment-related activities on one PC. SmartWindows addresses all these issues with its enhanced capabilities. 

  • It allows you to create unlimited profiles.
  • Arrange your work and entertainment desktops separately.
  • It supports auto-restoration and auto-arrangement in each work zone.
  • Arrange your screen for each project separately.
  • Increase productivity by switching to multiple work zones.
  • Save the time for arranging screens with different apps for work, study, and entertainment. 

Create Multiple Profiles and Displays

Make remote work more exciting and easy with productivity tools. Take advantage of technology that contributes to increased work efficiency. SmartWindows is an all-in-one solution that increases your workplace productivity. It allows you to create multiple profiles and displays and work in a highly organized manner. 

  • Create unlimited profiles to handle different projects separately.
  • SmartWindows’ support for up to 6 displays allows you to create multiple presets and switch between them.
  • It provides auto-arrangement and auto-restoration features to all displays and profiles.
  • Organize your screen/screens with one click.
  • SmartWindows remembers the window size and display position of apps and restores the screen configuration. 

Establish Dual-Monitor Setup

SmartWindows empowers your dual-monitor setup. When your desktop screen is cluttered with a bunch of apps, it becomes difficult to switch between them. A dual monitor setup eliminates the need for excessive clicks and switching. It allows you to arrange apps on different screens and access them easily. Moreover, it makes multitasking easy for you. A dual monitor setup increases productivity as a 360-degree view of all apps helps you make comparisons and analysis easy.

  • A dual monitor setup backed by SmartWindows gives wings to your work productivity.
  • It allows you to automatically arrange and restore apps on dual monitors.
  • Learn, work, and game at the same time with a dual monitor setup.

Work smart and not hard with SmartWindows!

Get a 30-day free trial now!

5 Signs You Need Dual Monitors

5 Signs You Need Dual Monitors

With the advent of technological advancements and exponential innovations in the IT industry, many of us and our occupations rely on the use of computers. The lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak has also introduced a sharp increase in the need for computers due to virtual learning, online banking, online shopping, and remote work. 

Use of Computers based on Profession

Each person makes use of a computer based on their job role and profession. For instance, if you are a software engineer, you will be using the IDEs for coding, browsers to search for errors or read the documentation of programming languages, YouTube to watch for solutions of the problems, virtual machines, and other desktop apps. 

Similarly, if you are a project manager, you are supposed to keep track of multiple projects, maintain statuses, monitor the tasks, and evaluate the team members. With a dozen tasks on a daily basis, you use data management software, content planners, excel sheets, testing tools, communication channels, and more apps at the same time. 

If you are a content writer, you are making excessive use of browsers to do extensive research to generate unique content, content management software, Google Docs, task management tools, Thesaurus, Copyscape, etc.

No matter what role it is, you are still working on a number of apps, tools, and software on a daily basis. The majority of the users use a single monitor for work that sometimes becomes critically inefficient when it comes to switching between the applications and opening them in parallel for comparison purposes. 

Common Problems faced by Single Monitor Users

Below are some common challenges every single-monitor user faces.

  • When it comes to data entry, you are supposed to do excessive switching between the files and apps. 
  • Drafting email or writing content using source materials would require switching between a dozen tabs on one or many browsers.
  • Comparison of different products is difficult to perform on one monitor.
  • Viewing and analyzing large spreadsheets on one monitor is very inefficient, tedious, and time-consuming.
  • It is hard to balance work life and entertainment life on one monitor as the apps and files create a mess on a desktop screen.
  • It is hard to chat and work with clients at the same time on one monitor.
  • It is hard for data analysts to track the business performance against multiple success parameters and graphics on one monitor.
  • Comparison of multiple sources and references is difficult on one screen.
  • Working on a single monitor consumes much energy and time. 

To all these problems, dual/multiple monitors are the solution. There are potential advantages of dual monitors that you can employ at your home or office workspace to manage tasks in an effective manner.

5 Signs You Need Dual Monitors

Below are the five signs that demonstrate the need for dual monitors.

  1. Efficient use of a Bunch of Apps

No matter in which profession you are. You are struggling with a number of desktop apps every day to perform tasks. When more than three apps accumulate on your screen, switching between them becomes very tedious. It is hard to navigate, compare and analyze the data on one monitor. In this situation, you need a dual monitor where you could split the apps and efficiently focus on each app and its functions.

  1. Make Research Easy

Research work involves the excessive use of browsers. You have hundreds of tabs opened on multiple browsers from where you refer and get the information. It is hard to switch between the multiple browser windows and even if you arrange them on one screen, the tabs appear so small that you end up closing them accidentally. To eliminate this headache, use dual monitors.

Split browsers windows on two monitors to research the different subjects easily. You can also open a browser on one monitor and the text document on another monitor to research and write simultaneously. The purpose of dual monitors here is to do multiple tasks at the same time.

  1. Data Visualization and Comparison

When it comes to performing comparisons between two sources, references, apps, data files, or graphics, a single monitor is infeasible. Similarly, if you have large spreadsheets with huge data, it becomes very inefficient to open all of them on one monitor.

In that case, the dual-monitor can help you by showing different files on two monitors. One of the major benefits of the dual monitor setup is that it makes analysis and comparison easy for the user.

  1. Manage Work Zones

It is hard to make more than one work zone on a single monitor. You can either manage your work life or your entertainment life. If you try managing both, the data, URLs, Gmail profiles, and files get jumbled in each other. It becomes a tedious task to find a file from a mess immediately when you need it.

To avoid the hassle, use dual monitors. Dedicate each monitor to work and entertainment-related activities separately. Imagine working and gaming with two monitor setup where you have flexibility and a dedicated screen for each. Organize your work and fun-related activities with this amazing approach.

  1. Save Time 

A single monitor requires an excessive click to switch between the application, arrange the most-used apps on the screen, and split them by spending so much time. After all this, you end up zooming in and out the data in each window to adjust it according to your convenience. These tasks are minor but consume much of your precious time and effort. Dual monitors help save 20-30% of your time with the efficient access and arrangement of apps on two screens. 

How SmartWindows Empowers your Dual Monitor Desk?

SmartWindows is a productivity software that gives you more hands at work. It makes your Windows smarter than ever before. Develop your Windows 10 or 11dual monitor setup along with SmartWindows to maximize productivity at work.

The following features of SmartWindows apply to Windows 10 & 11 dual display/monitor that helps you work smart and bring more creativity to your daily tasks.

  • Multi-browser and multi-tab support of SmartWindows allows you to reopen closed tabs on multiple displays/profiles with just one click. So if you are working on two browsers at the same time on different monitors, SmartWindows reopens both with one click.
  • SmartWindows allows you to create multiple profiles where you can set your own work zones and restore them anytime.
  • Create up to 6 displays to work efficiently on different tasks and projects. Multitask with multiple displays in Windows.
  • SmartWindows remembers the window size and display position of the apps that you arrange on dual screens.
  • It restores and auto-arranges the apps at the exactly same position on the screens.
  • SmartWindows reopens MS Office files such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Project, Notepad, etc.
  • It eliminates the overhead of manually re-arranging apps and does it all automatically.
  • SmartWindows contributes to increased productivity on the dual displays with its enhanced capabilities.

So what are you waiting for?

Give wings to your dual monitor setup with SmartWindows!

Work Smartly – Simplify your Multi-Monitor Life

Simplify your Multi-Monitor Life

Whether you are a graphic designer, programmer, data analyst, or content creator, maintaining a healthy work environment is important for everyone. The need for workstation management has become a priority especially during the pandemic where most of us are working from home. No matter if you are tech-savvy or not, you must decide on the products and ideas that fit your needs and create the productive space for you to work. Where on one hand, we look for productivity software and tools, on the other hand, some focus on a multi-monitor setup to multi-task. 

However, it totally depends on the intensity and nature of your work. Let’s have a look at all the other roles and how a dual-monitor desk or multi-monitor setup could help boost up productivity at work.

Project Manager: If you are a project manager, you need to deal with a number of projects at a time, track the tasks, meet deadlines, update statuses, and ensure timely releases of the products. For this, you are in immense need of managing each project efficiently to deter any confusion. You can use productivity software that helps you manage multiple profiles on Windows 10 and 11 or maybe 6 monitors to get a 360-degree view of all projects at a glance. 

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer deals with making dozens of graphics a day that might belong to different projects. It becomes hard to keep track of icons, reference images, and sources on one monitor. Also, if you work on photoshop and illustrator, it becomes even harder to open each app, switch between each other, and clutter everything on one monitor.

Data Analyst: Being a data analyst, you are supposed to monitor the statistics and performance of certain products all the time. For this, you need to have dedicated monitors that show you real-time data of each product and performance parameter without clicking and navigating every time. 

Content Creator: A content creator is supposed to do extensive research and manage multiple documents of each project separately. For this, there should be a dedicated monitor for each project where the browsing and writing could be done in parallel. 

How does Multi-Monitor Setup Increase Productivity?

According to 2020 Forresters’ report “Optimize Your Hybrid Workforce With Flexible Work-From-Home Policies And Monitors”, external monitors play a vital role in improving productivity. About 50% of employees reported that they are able to view more information simultaneously on multiple monitors. About 46% said that with a multi-monitor setup, you can use multiple programs at once without switching between windows. 35% said that you can do tasks more quickly and 30% said that you can do more accurate work on a multi-monitor computer desk. 

Based on these statistics, it is evident that a multiple monitor setup can help you work smart and not hard. Some other benefits include:

  • Each display delivers you enough information and eliminates the overhead of switching between so many apps continually.
  • It helps in the efficient management of data, apps, folders, browsers, files, and projects. 
  • It increases productivity at work and streamlines the workflow.
  • It helps display more content at a glance and makes swapping between applications quick.
  • It allows easy navigation between multiple windows.
  • It allows you to multi-task and make comparisons effectively. 
  • It helps in the easy organization of desktop screens and makes access to each app easier.

A multi-monitor desk when combined with productivity software gives a next-level boost to work productivity and efficiency. So let’s see the role of SmartWindows in giving you more hands at work with a multi-monitor setup.

‘Up to 6 Displays’ – How SmartWindows Combines with a Multi-Monitor Setup?

SmartWindows is productivity software that offers a wide range of options for easy management and auto-arrangement of apps in Windows. The following are some features of SmartWindows that you can use in each of the multi-monitor displays to improve work efficiency. 

  • SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles with up to 6 displays.
  • It gives multi-browser and multi-tab support to help you auto-restore the closed tabs in each browser with just one click.
  • It allows you to auto-arrange the apps on each display screen with the same window size and exactly the same display position on the screen.
  • It fully supports MS Office files such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Notepad, etc. 
  • It auto-restores the screen configuration in each monitor with just one click.

With SmartWindows, you can separate your work life from entertainment and dedicate each monitor to a specific task. You can customize multiple displays in Windows 10 and Windows 11 with your favorite apps and a visually clean interface to help you work seamlessly. SmartWindows saves the settings of screen displays and restores every display with just one click. With just a one-time setup in SmartWindows, you are all set to work on saved screen configurations for longer.

The ultimate purpose of SmartWindows is to increase your productivity at work. It is one of the multi-monitor tools that auto-arranges the apps on each display with just one click. You do not need to arrange apps on each monitor manually when you start your work. SmartWindows saves you time with its smart productivity features. It also provides “Multi-Browser Multi-Tab Support” that allows you to restore multiple browsers with their respective URLs. It maintains the tab history and restores all the tabs of multiple browser windows with just one click.

Stay organized with SmartWindows and save your time arranging all the apps and their windows on each monitor every time you start up your PC.

Working on Multiple MS Office Files is Fun Now

Working on Multiple MS Office Files is Fun Now

Whether it is a student or a teacher, a researcher or a project manager, a writer or an accounts officer, Microsoft Office files are used by everyone around the world. Millions of businesses rely on the MS Office suite to create documents and keep records. They use multiple applications of MS office files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Notepad, etc. on a daily basis. 

This article addresses some common document management problems faced by MS Office users and discusses efficient use.

Problems Faced by MS Office Users

  1. Maintenance of multiple sets of MS Office documents in separate repositories.
  2. Access to multiple MS Office files when you are working on many in parallel.
  3. To keep track of multiple words and excel documents of different projects in the same place.
  4. Excessive switching between multiple MS Office applications is very cumbersome.
  5. Open the MS Office files every day, arrange their window size and position on the screen every day is very time-consuming.
  6. When you are working on a bunch of different versions of the same file, it becomes hard to find the right file from the messy folders.
  7. Management of documents of different projects, work, home, or school-related tasks in one place is not easy.
  8. A sudden power outage or Windows updates might disturb the arrangement of your screen you set previously.

All the stated problems affect your productivity at work. The tasks that used to take so much time on a regular basis need to be done in an efficient way. For this, you can employ some Microsoft Office tips and tricks or use high-end tools that help you with your daily MS Office tasks. SmartWindows is one productivity software that supports MS Office files and ensures enhanced productivity for users.

Make Efficient Use of MS Office Files with SmartWindows

SmartWindows is feature-packed productivity software that gives enhanced features to your Windows 10 and Windows 11 and allows you to work smart and not hard. It makes the use of MS Office for students and businesses very efficient. From MS Word to MS Powerpoint, and MS Project to MS Excel, SmartWindows gives you the following capabilities:

  1. Auto-arrange & Auto-restore MS Office Files

If you are using MS Word or any other MS Office application on a regular basis, it takes a significant amount of time to open and arrange the files every day. To overcome this headache, SmartWindows allows you to auto-arrange and auto-restore all your MS Office files in one click!

Open and arrange the apps and files on your Desktop screen. Adjust their window size and position on the screen according to your liking. Save the screen configuration in SmartWindows by creating a profile. You can restore the screen with the same MS Office files at exactly the same position on the screen with the same window size. With this, you do not need to arrange the screen every time you start the work and SmartWindows does this for you.

This capability of SmartWindows allows you to work on multiple MS Office files in parallel. It also reduces the excessive number of clicks in switching between the applications every now and then. 

  1. Open the MS Office Files

When you are dealing with multiple MS Office files such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Project all at once, you would have to open each the next day before work. SmartWindows eliminates this hassle and opens MS Word, MS Excel, and other files with just one click. You can open the recent files from there. Reduce the number of clicks and get more work done with SmartWindows in less time.

  1. File Management on Multiple Displays and Profiles 

If you are working on multiple projects at the same time, or there are many other users of your PC who used to do homework or research on the same computer, it gets hard to manage data. SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles and displays where you can separate different nature of tasks and projects. 

A dedicated profile for each project or user will help you with efficient management of all the MS Office files. You can create separate folders for work in each profile, use browsers with devoted email accounts, and can access any file from a computer in the blink of an eye. Not only this, SmartWindows gives apps’ restoration support to all the profiles and displays. With just one click, you can restore all customized presets on your desktop screen.

  1. Increased Productivity at Work

SmartWindows serves the ultimate purpose of increasing the productivity of the users of Windows. Its support for MS Office files gives you more hands at work. It allows you to do the regular tasks automatically instead of investing your precious time in finding and arranging the word and excel files every time you start the work. SmartWindows saves your time by making your Windows smarter!

Keeping up with Technology is Crucial for IT Project Managers


Technology has made life easier for everyone, but how has it transformed the daily tasks of an IT Project Manager?

To put it simply, advancements in hardware, software, and all other areas have changed the way project managers used to work. The technical project managers are now able to achieve more in less time. From seamless task management to collaboration, and performance analysis to accurate reporting, technology has made the life of every PM much easier now.

In this article, we will look at the revitalizing role of technology in project management.


The trend of remote work has come into force in the past few years. Also, the pandemic has accelerated the situation and project managers are supposed to work located in different parts of the world. In this, technology has played a vital role in bridging the communication gap. Enhanced accessibility and insistent communication have become possible without any distortion. The team members are also working from home and project managers can communicate with each member at any hour of the day or night.

The cloud collaboration tools allow project managers to communicate in real-time, schedule meetings, send documents, and organize interactions seamlessly. During work-from-home, project managers have been using communication tools such as Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, etc. to discuss the tasks for the day in stand-ups and schedule the tasks for the whole day. 

Increased Productivity at Work

Project managers are working on multiple projects at the same time. Each project could be of different nature with its own challenges and complexities. It becomes hard to manage, monitor, and report the tasks of each project efficiently. To optimize the way of work, the project managers often organize the PC in such a way that they can navigate to the folders and files easily.


Project managers can manage multiple projects at the same time with SmartWindows

Some challenges faced by project managers include:

  • It becomes very hard to keep track of all the tasks of each project separately.
  • The organization of multiple projects on one PC is very inefficient.
  • The use of multiple different desktop apps for different projects becomes incompetent.
  • Managing data of all the projects on one PC makes it difficult to track and find when you immediately need it.
  • The use of browsers is very messy. The browsers get overflowed with hundreds of tabs of different projects with multiple online accounts that make it hard to sync with the right web pages.
  • It is complex to manage the bookmarks, folders, and emails of different projects on one browser.
  • The system performance is affected as a result of dozens of apps and browser tabs opened on a PC at the same time.
  • It takes an equal amount of time every day to organize the desktop screen with the most used apps, adjust their window size and display position on the screen.

All the mentioned challenges affect the productivity of project managers at work. To address these, SmartWindows is one feature-rich productivity software that assists project managers in managing multiple projects efficiently at the same time. SmartWindows allows you to:

Restore the apps: Organize the screen with the most-used apps, adjust their window size and position on the screen according to your liking. Save the configuration in your SmartWindows profile and restore it any time you need. SmartWindows remembers the window size and position on the screen as you saved the last time.

MS Office File Support: SmartWindows gives full support of Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Notepad, etc. So, if you are using any or all of these Office files, SmartWindows remembers the last file you were working on and opens it on restoration. 

Multiple Displays: Create up to 6 displays and make presets on each screen to work in an organized way. SmartWindows allows you to work on a unified interface and gives access to up to 6 monitors with restoration and auto-arrangement capabilities in each display.

Unlimited Profiles: Create unlimited profiles and dedicate each to a specific project. Separate profiles would make data management and tracking easy for each project. Each profile will remember the files you were working on and the positioning of your workspace across multiple displays.

Multi-Browser & Multi-Tab Support: SmartWindows support multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It maintains an active tab history of each browser on each display and profile. You can restore the browsers with respective URLs with just one click.

Benefits of using SmartWindows:

  • SmartWindows allows you to work smart and not hard.
  • It empowers your Windows 10 and Windows 11 with its enhanced features.
  • It auto-arranges all the desktop apps at the same position on the screen with the same window size.
  • It eliminates the headache of arranging apps every time you open your computer. With just one click, you are ready to work.
  • SmartWindows increases your productivity at work, saves your time and effort.
  • Efficient use of a PC makes project management operations easy to operate.
  • Reduces the number of excessive clicks to switch between desktop apps. A unified interface gives a 360-degree view of all the apps on the desktop screen. 
  • Optimizes the performance of PCs with efficient use of browsers.

Regular Updates and Reporting

One of the responsibilities of project managers includes gathering updates from each team member, evaluating their performance and ensuring regular reporting. Sometimes, project managers are managing a number of projects at the same time and therefore it becomes crucial for them to track the tasks and progress of each project and avoid any delay in the project delivery. Technology has streamlined the cumbersome processes for project managers by giving advanced task and time tracking features in project management software. With this,

  • Project managers can track the time of each task
  • Determine the status of each task
  • Assign tasks to team members accordingly
  • Evaluate the performance of each team member
  • Collaborate and attach files easily

Project management software such as Asana, Trello, Jira, Zoho projects, etc. are on top and provide enhanced capabilities to ease the life of project managers. 

Easy Access to Data

Cloud-based tools have made it easy for project managers to access their different project-related files from any device and anywhere across the globe. The files are not limited to just office computers. Technology has made it easy to access the files even outside the office. One important thing is that there is no security risk in accessing data from anywhere for the remote project managers. Strong authentication measures and security practices ensure controlled access to data that eliminates the fear of any breach.

Zoho Projects, Asana, LiquidPlanner, Mavenlink, Microsoft Project Online, etc. are some project management tools that secure all the data on the cloud and make access easy.

Data Analytics 

Technology has empowered project managers. The operations that an IT project manager used to do manually can be done automatically in real-time. Advanced data analytics tools allow project managers to look at the performance of each project at a glance. It is one of the project manager’s skills to determine the trends, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the project. Data analytics tools make it easy through detailed visualization and identify the patterns that demonstrate the project accomplishments. Meaningful insights from these tools play a central role in the success of a project.

IBM Cognos Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, and Zoho Analytics are some top data analytics software used by organizations.

Fire Up your Entertainment Profile with SmartWindows

Entertainment Profile

Work-from-home has turned everyone to their personal computers to remain productive. If you feel tangled between documents, watching Netflix, browsing, or gaming tabs next to emails, you will be glad to know that SmartWindows can help you separate your work life from your personal life on Windows 10 and 11.

Manage your entertainment life on Windows 10 and Windows 11 by creating separate Windows profiles or displays that give you a customized environment. Empower your productivity and enjoy your personal life to the full with a modern experience. 
The following are some ways to fire up your entertainment profile with SmartWindows.

Create Multiple Profiles

The best way to utilize your personal computer for both work and entertainment is that you create multiple user profiles. Each profile would serve the ultimate purpose of work, games, learning, etc. separately. You can add or remove the user profile on Windows 10 & 11 as well. Moreover, if you have more than one PC user at home, creating multiple profiles can help each user. SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It offers you the flexibility of working on multiple profiles and displays. For instance, a work profile will help you:

  • Use multiple browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
  • Work on Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, etc.)
  • Code on IDEs (PyCharm, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Android Studio, etc.)
  • Create designs on your favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

A dedicated work profile helps you manage desktop applications related to work in an efficient manner. It allows easy access to apps through the visually clean interface. Similarly, an entertainment profile can be devoted to:

  • Netflix
  • Games
  • Music
  • Youtube/Streaming
  • Online Shopping
  • Social Media

And more…

Separate profiles help you manage your personal and work life effectively without jumbling up things and actions. Moreover, SmartWindows gives you the ability to make presets and group the most-used desktop apps on the display screen. Once you have set the layout according to your liking, save the screen configuration in SmartWindows. It also remembers the window size and the display position of all apps on the desktop screen. With just one click, the apps will pull up every time you startup your computer or decide to switch between work and entertainment.

Switch to the work profile when you are on job and similarly to the entertainment profile in your spare time. Make layouts of apps on separate desktops for each part of your life and customize them according to your taste. Imagine having separate desktops for school, gaming, and work.

Use Different Browsers

Now use multiple browsers without compromising the system performance. SmartWindows allows you to use different browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. for defined purposes. Instead of accumulating browsers with hundreds of tabs both for entertainment and work that also slow down the system performance, create two profiles and open browsers and tabs in each separately. SmartWindows also gives you multi-tab and multi-browser support to open browsers in each profile or display for work and entertainment.  

You can also use separate user accounts on browsers. Set one default browser and you can switch to another anytime based on the task you are doing. SmartWindows also gives you the capability to auto-restore the browsers and tabs with one click. You do not need to manually reopen the tabs in each browser separately. Separate the browsers on different profiles to manage activities related to entertainment and work. Moreover, when tabs will be divided into multiple browsers on different profiles, your PC will ensure optimized performance and processing of apps.

Multiple Displays

SmartWindows supports up to 6 displays on each profile. SmartWindows has the ability to restore the app positioning and window size on each screen. You can create customized setups for work and entertainment purposes. You can easily switch between the custom displays and eliminate the headache of finding apps and tabs in the mess. A 360-degree view of all apps will help you to multitask and switch between the apps seamlessly. Now use Windows profiles efficiently to organize your entertainment and work activities.

Make your Windows smarter with SmartWindows and boost up your entertainment and work profiles. Enjoy the custom-built user experience by enjoying the enhanced features of SmartWindows on your Windows