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Efficiently Allocate your PC’s Resources with FastWindows!

Smartly allocate system resources to get the most out of your apps!


Faster & Smoother Experience

Optimize apps and games for a faster and smoother experience

Automatic App Prioritization

Simplify your workflows with FastWindows automatic app prioritization

Maximize your Productivity

Maximize your productivity with performance boosting software

Ensure more Resources

Ensure Important software gets more resources automatically

Experience the Power Within

How to Setup FastWindows on Your PC?





Start Prioritizing Apps


Tasks Prioritization is now Easier then ever

IT Manager

IT Managers can use FastWindows to allocate system resources efficiently across various applications and programs based on organizational needs. They can prioritize critical tasks, ensure smooth operation of essential software, and optimize resource utilization to enhance overall productivity.

What Our Customers Say About Us

FastWindows saved me from system slowdowns, now I control my apps' performance effortlessly!
Account Executive
FastWindows is a game-changer, giving me the power to fine-tune app priorities and boost productivity!
Video Animator
With FastWindows, I've experienced a noticeable speed boost, making multitasking a breeze!
Data Engineer
FastWindows streamlined my workflow, ensuring my most important tasks get the resources they need.
FastWindows is a must-have for anyone serious about optimizing their Windows experience; it's like having a performance genie at your command!
IT Manager

The Ultimate Tool for Busy Professionals

No need to upgrade your hardware! Allocate resources smartly.


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