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How SmartWindows is a Great Solution for SAS Programmers


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programmers are the IT professionals who focus on data aggregation, manipulation, and analysis. SAS programmers need to make efficient use of their computers to ensure productivity and perform accurate statistical analyses of multiple projects. The daily activities of SAS programmers vary based on the projects and data they gather and analyze. However, there are some core duties that are associated with their role. Some of these include:

Import/Export of Data

Statistical programmers import and export the raw data to extract useful information and draw patterns from various datasets.

Database Management

Management of databases that contain huge information. It also includes data compilation and backup.

Datasets Creation 

SAS programmers write, create, and design programs to generate multiple datasets such as lists, tables, and graphs. Each data shows specific information and statistics.

Data Visualization and Analysis

The data is converted from raw form to readable one. Complex patterns are drawn from the huge datasets to determine the relationship between data, find the latest market trends, and discover demographic details, etc.


Based on the data gathered, SAS programmers make reports. The reports represent the tabular and graphical information and could also be in the form of PowerPoint presentations. 

All these duties highlight the need for high-end software and productivity apps that could assist statistical programmers to perform tasks in a highly organized and timely manner. Let’s have a look at how SmartWindows helps SAS programmers in their daily operations. 

SmartWindows – One Stop Solution for SAS Programmers 

SmartWindows is a perfect solution for tech-savvy people. A student, researcher, project manager, designer, programmer, or gamer can take full advantage of SmartWindows to do tasks in a much more efficient way. SmartWindows’ features and capabilities are absolute for everyone to multitask, organize the tasks, and increase productivity at work.

In SAS base programming, a programmer is supposed to work on multiple desktop apps simultaneously. The tools used by SAS programmers include:

  • Base SAS for data management and perform basic procedures
  • SAS/GRAPH for presentation and graphical analysis
  • SAS/ETS for Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
  • SAS/STAT for statistical analysis
  • SAS/QC for quality control
  • SAS/INSIGHT for data mining
  • Enterprise Guide for project management and GUI based coding
  • MS Office files such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • IDEs to code
  • Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge for research

All these tools are used by SAS programmers on a daily basis to perform multiple tasks. One of the primary issues is to view multiple files and apps on one desktop screen. A SAS programmer is supposed to switch between multiple applications and tools all the time. It is inefficient to open multiple apps on one screen with small window sizes. Excessive switching between these apps becomes tedious. Moreover, opening all the applications every day before getting started to work is very time-consuming. 

SmartWindows addresses all these issues with its productivity features. 

Multiple Displays & Profiles

SmartWindows supports up to 6 displays and unlimited profiles. As a SAS programmer, when you are working on a number of apps at the same time, create your work zones on multiple displays or profiles to work efficiently. Arrange a set of tools on each display to access and use them easily. It will help you reduce the number of clicks when it comes to switching between multiple apps. SmartWindows fully supports dual and multi-monitor setup. SAS programmers mostly work on multiple screens and SmartWindows empowers you with its productivity features.

Multi-Browser & Multi-Tab Support

SmartWindows’s support for browsers makes it easy for SAS programmers to open multiple browser windows and do research. SmartWindows maintains an active tab history and remembers the URLs of each browser window. You can restore browsers on one or many screens with a single click. This feature eliminates the need to remember the tab restoration steps of each browser separately. 

Auto App Restoration

The Auto-arrangement and auto-restoration feature of SmartWindows saves your time of opening and restoring the most-used apps on a daily basis. With just one time arrangement, save your screen configuration with SmartWindows and you can restore it anytime with just one click. This does not only save time but also contributes to increased work productivity. 


Work on multiple apps in parallel. SmartWindows optimizes the way you work. Instead of working on one app at a time, you can open multiple apps on one or many screens. Create multiple displays and arrange apps on each one, save their screen configuration, and switch between displays to multitask. In this way, a SAS programmer can manage the huge volume of data in a timely manner. You can also partition the data across multiple screens. It will not only make access faster but also help you work in an organized way.

Multiple Work Environments

Working on multiple datasets and with different tools is inefficient on a single screen. SmartWindows allows you to create multiple work environments. On one profile, you can create 6 work zones with different apps and files arranged in each. You can pull any screen anytime to switch between the work zones instead of accumulating more apps on a single screen.

Easy & Faster Programming

SAS programming involves multiple procedures and programs. A number of apps and coding platforms are used to test and deliver functionalities. To avoid a mess of data files, programs, and documentations, create multiple displays and profiles. Arrange the apps on the screen and adjust window size and display position according to your liking, and save the presets. You can restore each preset anytime when you need. SmartWindows makes SAS coding much easier and faster.  

360-degree View of Files & Datasets

SmartWindows’ support for MS Office files allows you to restore the files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Project with a single click. A SAS programmer can do work more effectively with a fish-eye view of all the data files and apps. The reason is that SAS programmers are supposed to visualize and produce reports from statistical procedures and deliver them on the applications and platforms that people use most. For testing and analysis, a unified interface is required that makes visualization seamless for the programmer.

SAS programmers often work with project managers to report and prepare the software reports. The data files contain the latest trends and visual information in the form of lists and statistical tables regarding a software product. For both project managers and SAS programmers, SmartWindows serves as a great productivity software that gives you more hands at work.

Simplify multitasking with SmartWindows!

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