Remember Windows Size and Positions in Windows 11

Remember Windows Size and positions in Windows 11

We start our workday with reopening all the work files, desktop apps, and browser tabs that we worked on the previous day. This manual labor takes up a significant amount of our time and leaves us a bit tired. To maximize productivity, it is necessary to employ smart methods that can lead to a seamless workflow and a happy start.

Here are a few solutions to reduce this daily hassle and remember window size and position in Windows 11.  

Remember Windows Size and Position in Windows 11

We start our work by putting up the desktop apps, browser tabs, and work files on our desktop screen. It is inconvenient for the majority of users to re-arrange the same work screens daily before starting work. This routine activity takes our time while leaving our minds dull. For an active start of the day, we need to take smart solutions that help us complete tasks automatically without putting in any manual effort. Windows 11 provides its users with some productive features that help them remember the window size and position of apps on the screen.

  • Remember Window Positions on Multiple Monitors
  • Remember Window Locations using Registry Editor
  • Remember Window Size and Position with SmartWindows – One-Click Solution

Remember Window Positions on Multiple Monitors

Multiple monitors help in having an extended view of the work screen. Users can organize their multiple desktop apps, work files, and browser tabs on their multiple monitors thus leading to a visually clean interface. 

For instance, having multiple reference browser tabs on one monitor and writing apps on the next monitor helps writers in their work. Similarly organizing the multiple desktop apps on more than one monitor helps users in an extended display of their work sessions. 

The clean view of the desktop screens on multiple monitors comes with a common issue, the re-arrangement of the work screens when the monitor is reattached. 

Windows 11 empowers its multi-monitor users to save the window positions of their dedicated work screens for easy restoration of their work sessions. Users can customize the multiple display settings to remember the window screen locations based on the monitor connection.  

This feature can be enabled in the following steps

  • Open the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Select ‘System’
  • Select ‘Display’
  • Open and expand the ‘Multiple displays’ section 
  • Then check the box ‘ Remember window locations based on monitor connection’.

After selecting this option whenever the user detaches the monitor, Windows 11 will remember the multiple window screen arrangement. So when the user reopens the work screens, they will be repositioned as they were set before. 

Remember Window Locations using Registry Editor

Users can reset window position and size as per their work preference to better arrange and organize their work screens. Using the Registry Editor they can save those window locations. The Windows Registry stores information about Windows programs and processes in the form of Registry keys. You can easily create administrative-level modifications by altering the necessary keys. Registry Editor also serves as a database for your system’s functions. 

To enable this feature, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows & R keys
  • Type ‘regedit’ in the box (It will open the Windows Registry)
  • Navigate to the place HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop once you’ve entered the Windows Registry. 
  • Choose NEW > DWORD (32-bit) Value from the right-click menu in the right pane.
  • To save the modifications, rename this value to RestorePreviousStateRecalcBehavior and click Enter.
  • Set the basis to Hexadecimal by double-clicking on RestorePreviousStateRecalcBehavior.
  • Type 0 in the Value data field to enable the functionality. If you wish to disable it, type 1.
  • Lastly, restart your system to apply the modifications.

After performing this list of functions, Windows 11 will be able to remember the window locations on your PC. 

Doesn’t it feel hectic to remember this list of commands? Why opt for longer and complicated solutions when you have a smart and easy solution at your disposal!

SmartWindows helps remember the window size and location for multiple desktop screens. Let’s see how… 

SmartWindows Remembers your Window Positions & Sizes

SmartWindows is a Windows productivity app for Windows 11. It helps users organize their multiple desktop screens and restore that arrangement whenever needed. 

For instance professionals such as writers, designers, programmers, teachers, and non -professionals as students; often work simultaneously on multiple apps. They start by organizing their multiple browser tabs, desktop apps, and work files and create a screen arrangement that best suits their work needs. 

The main concern of all such people is the rearrangement of their dedicated work screens the next time they start work. To eliminate the hassle of setting up the same screens SmartWindows brings the ultimate solution. 

SmartWindows allow users to create one-time screen configurations for their work sessions and multiple projects consisting of multiple desktop apps, browser tabs, and work files. Once done, save it using SmartWindows that you can restore anytime on one or many screens. It empowers users to save and restore multiple work sessions with one click.

To create one-time screen arrangements

  • Pull up all the desktop apps, browser tabs, and work files that you work on. Resize and arrange them as per your work preference. 
  • Right-click on the SmartWindows icon.
  • Select ‘Create Profile’ 
  • Name that profile and hit ‘Save’.
  • Just like that, your SmartWindows profile will be created and your dedicated screen arrangement will be saved in the profile. 

To restore the window positions

  • Right-click on the SmartWindows icon.
  • Select ‘Restore Profile’
  • Choose the profile you wish to restore.
  • And with one click you can restore your screen arrangement in the exact size and display location it was saved. 

Instead of remembering the long list of steps, SmartWindows does the job even better in a few simple steps. It is ingeniously designed to remember the window size and display positions of your desktop screens and restore them in the exact same manner.

Restore Snap Groups and Snap Layouts with SmartWindows

Windows 11 provides the functionality of ‘Snap Groups’ and ‘Snap Layouts’ to its users, which allows them to arrange multiple desktop apps on their screen. 

With Snap Layouts users can arrange up to 6 different apps into the layouts offered by Windows 11. Snap Groups is basically a group of all those desktop apps and work files. It offers 6 layouts for different positioning of your window screens. They are as follows

  1. Two vertical screens of the same length.
  2. Two vertical screens, one side larger than the other.
  3. Three vertical screens with the center screen bigger than the rest.
  4. Three screens, one vertical and two horizontal.
  5. Four equally sized quarter screens.
  6. Three equally sized vertical screens

The users can arrange their multiple work screens in these layouts, however, the need still remains to restore the screen arrangement manually. 

SmartWindows empowers you to save the Snap Group in the SmartWindows profile and restore it at any time. Thus allowing you to maximize productivity and save time spent in the rearrangement of Snap Layouts. 

Restore Multiple Profiles with SmartWindows

SmartWindows enables its users to create multiple profiles or presets for their diverse work needs. Users can create multiple work zones to separate office and personal work, entertainment, sports, or games and as well as create multiple profiles for their multiple projects. 

Having separate profiles for multiple projects helps in easy access of the relevant data, desktop apps, and project files. It is also easier with SmartWindows to restore all the project apps, work files, and browser tabs with one click. 

You can also create multiple browser profiles for saving your browser tabs. SmartWindows maintains an active tab history and remembers the display position and size of your browser tabs, restoring them in the same manner they were saved. It spares you from the hassle of saving your bookmarks on multiple browser windows.

SmartWindows supports multiple browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, allowing users to use their choice of browser. 

SmartWindows Boosts Windows 11

SmartWindows is also packed with some other features that help save time and maximize productivity. 

It supports Microsoft apps like MS Word, PowerPoint, and MS Excel. This helps users save their relevant MS Files or documents in their profiles and restore them later on. 

Its support for multiple displays for up to 6 monitors enables users to create extended displays of their work screens. 

With SmartWindows you can make screen arrangements on multiple monitors and displays and save that configuration in your profile. The saved configuration will be restored with a single click in the same window size and display position. Packed with all these productive features SmartWindows is the ultimate solution for your daily work needs.

Empower Windows 11 with smart productivity features of SmartWindows!

How SmartWindows is Enhancing Windows 11 Features for Multitasking

How SmartWindows is Enhancing Windows 11 Features for Multitasking

Windows 11 has hit the market with its killer multitasking features along with an improved and modern design. Snapping windows has become easier in Windows 11 allowing you to work on multiple apps simultaneously without doing excessive switching. Moreover, the virtual desktop experience also gets an upgrade. Let’s look at Windows 11 features, particularly, the multitasking upgrade and how SmartWindows fire up its use with its intelligent capabilities.

Windows 11 Multitasking 

Windows 11 is giving more multitasking skills in the hands of Windows users. A sizable upgrade in multitasking introduces Snap Groups and virtual desktops. 

Snap Groups

Snap Groups are a unique way of organizing the desktop apps you are working on. It groups the apps and arranges them on one screen in such a way that each app becomes easily accessible. When it comes to Windows 10 multitasking, the users used to snap apps on either side of the screen according to their work preferences. Users could easily open, drag, and drop, resize the app window, set each on the most appropriate position on the display, and even overlap each other. 

Windows 11 makes multitasking a little smarter by allowing making Snap Groups from your favorite Snap Layouts. This new Snap Layout feature allows you to choose from four to six different layouts (layout options vary based on the screen size and resolution) by clicking on the maximize button in the app. Choose the layout and the tile where you want to snap that particular app. Similarly, you can snap the other apps in tiles according to your liking. 

Once arranged, the Snap Groups make it easy for the user to access the most-used apps all at once. A consolidated view of all apps arranged on one screen helps the user get quick insights and get more work done in less time.

Virtual Desktops

The new virtual desktops experience has changed the name to Desktops. It comes with a better interface and allows users to set a separate background image for each desktop. Desktops allow users to create separate work environments, open different projects, and study or game independently on each desktop. This configuration enables users to use the PC in an organized way and avoid any mess of app and tabs accumulation. 

Enabling Multitasking with Windows 11 Features

Both the Snap Groups and Desktops introduce multitasking in Windows 11. Windows users can make smart use of their PC by building Snap Groups of most-used apps and creating customized work zones. The app windows are arranged in a very appropriate proportion on the screen. When apps are easily accessible and users can view multiple apps in a visually clean interface, it enables users to get more work done in less time. Multitasking maximizes work productivity and eliminates the overhead of excessive back and forth switching between the apps. 

Giving Wings to Windows 11 Features with SmartWindows 

SmartWindows fully supports Windows 11 with its smart productivity capabilities for Windows users. The following are the ways how SmartWindows empowers the use of Windows 11 multitasking features.

Smart Layouts

Smart Layouts by SmartWindows allows the users to save and auto-restore the Snap Groups and Snap Layouts with one click. Once the apps’ windows are snapped in the tiles, you can save the screen configuration using SmartWindows. Once saved, you can restore it anytime you switch on your PC. 

Smart Layouts eliminate the need for rearranging the apps in Snap Groups again and again before getting started to work. SmartWindows remembers the screen configuration and restores the apps at exactly the same tile with a single click. You can create multiple Snap Groups for work, study, and entertainment purposes separately and save them with SmartWindows. Work smart and save time!

Browser Restoration

SmartWindows supports multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can open one or multiple browser windows on Windows 11 with dozens of tabs and URLs. Click “Save” and SmartWindows will save your browsers, URLs, and order of tabs. On restoration, you will get back all your tabs and URLs on one or many browser windows with a single click. 

Not only this, but SmartWindows also remembers the size of the app’s window and its display position on the screen. If you have opened the browsers in Snap Groups, you do not need to open the window or restore tabs again. Also, there is no need to remember the ways of tab restoration in different browsers and repeat the steps over and over again to continue work. Just one click of profile restoration does all the magic!

MS Office Files Support

SmartWindows supports MS Office files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, etc. So if you have opened any MS Office file in the Snap Groups, one-click can restore your files in the exact same tile. 

Multiple Profiles & Displays

SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles in Windows 11. You can create and save multiple presets according to your work, study, or entertainment preferences. Auto-restore any layout anytime with one click, or create more SmartWindows profiles. Moreover, you can create up to 6 displays using SmartWindows. Each profile can have multiple displays that you can create separately for each project, research, writing, meeting, gaming, coding, or any purpose. 

Multiple work environments provide you with a highly customized work experience. You get an organized screen where each app is highly accessible and you can get immediate insights without any interruption.

SmartWindows gives more power to Windows 11 features. You can make smart use of Windows 11 with the productivity-focused capabilities of SmartWindows. Get the app now and enhance your Windows 11 experience!

Windows 11 Snap Layouts: A Powerful Way to Multitask and Optimize your Screen

Windows 11 Snap Layouts

Windows 11 comes up with a slew of updates and features. It may be known better for the UI improvements but the new Snap Layouts and Snap Groups feature is in full swing to provide you with better productivity. It is a major UI innovation that allows Windows users to organize their desktop screen and multitask in a very efficient manner.

After tiresome steps of manually arranging each app on the desktop to multitask in Windows 10, now this upgraded OS takes multitasking to a whole next level with Snap Layouts. 

What are Snap Layouts?

Snap Layouts is a new feature introduced in Windows 11 that allows you to organize the apps and windows in a better way by grouping them. The available options of layouts depending on the screen dimensions. On a standard screen display, you will get 4 layout options to choose from whereas, on an ultra-wide display screen, you get 6 layout options. Selecting one and adjusting apps into each section, Snap Layouts split screen into partitions based on the layout you have chosen.

Say you are working on some research, and have a group of browser windows or apps opened all related to your work. You can group windows by applications using Snap Layouts to cleanly organize all the apps on your screen to keep all information in one place. A visually clean interface would help you seamlessly grasp the information and collect chunks from each window to complete your research work. 

Snap Layouts help you create your customized work zones. Similar to the research example, a project manager could organize all apps to make lookup easy and eliminate the excessive switching between the apps. A student can read, watch, and write at the same time. You can also create a preset of all entertainment apps and activities when in the mood for gaming. In short, Snap Layouts have made multitasking easy for Windows users.

How do Snap Layouts Work?

To get started with Snap Layouts, all you need to do is hover the mouse over the Maximize icon of the app’s window at the upper-right corner. Doing this, you will find options of layouts available to you based on your screen size and dimension. Now select the one that you find more suitable according to work needs. You can also tap on the slot where you want to adjust your current program window. On tapping, you will see a complete layout on your desktop screen with all other spots that you can fill with other apps you have opened. 

You will see all the opened apps to fill the placeholders. Now select and put apps in each vacant space. Note that in Windows 10, snapping windows allows you to resize the window size of the app according to work preferences. Whereas in Windows 11, you are supposed to adjust the apps in a given layout and cannot change the size or overlap them. 

This layout app for PC is built-in that eliminates the need of manually sizing the apps. With layouts available, you can just select and fit the apps in space for efficient multitasking. The Windows Snap feature populates the apps to make it easy for you to access information from multiple apps easily. You can view each app in the taskbar, and the whole windows groups in layout form as well in the taskbar. 

Keep it Tidy with Snap Layouts!

A handful of new features in Windows 11 have productivity and multitasking as a major focus. Snap Layout keeps Windows tidy. You can open and organize the apps according to your taste. Easy access to all the information makes it easy for you to grasp it and get the job done earlier. Multiple layouts for Windows help you arrange apps in slots based on the ease of access, reading, or writing. Windows snapping groups all the apps and keep your desktop screen tidy enough to multitask in an easy manner. In this way, you can create multiple work zones, gaming zones, study zones, entertainment zones, and another desktop presets. 

Smart Layouts & Snap Layouts 

Smart Layouts by SmartWindows empower the use of Snap Layouts by giving them the capability to auto-restore in Windows 10 and 11.

Smart Layouts save the screen configuration and auto-arranges the apps on one or many screens. It fully supports all desktop apps, MS Office files, and browsers. Smart Layouts keep the display position, window size of each app, browser tabs and URLs saved. With one click you can auto-arrange the apps and windows on multiple displays. Enhance the use of Snap Layouts by giving them the ability to auto-arrange apps effortlessly when you start up your PC. It saves time opening and arranging apps every time before getting started to work. Be more productive at work with SmartWindows! 


SmartWindows offers Smart Layouts to save and restore the Snap Layouts in Windows 10 and Windows 11 and boost up work productivity.

Windows 11 Snap Layouts vs Smart Layouts: What’s the Difference?

Snap Layouts vs Smart Layouts

Windows 11 – the latest operating system by Microsoft will become available from 5 October 2021. Windows 11 is coming up with a number of features with a fresh new design and layout, multitasking capabilities, improvements in Microsoft Teams, and support for gaming and Android apps. One of the phenomenal features of Windows 11 is ‘Snap Layouts and Groups’. Snap Groups would help users multitask and organize multiple window apps on the screen. Now on one monitor, you can easily access the apps without excessive switching.

Snap Layouts 

With virtual desktops in Windows 11, Snap Layouts allow you to maximize productivity by structuring the screen. Snap Layouts are the flyout that displays a number of Snap layouts options when you hover your mouse on the ‘Maximize’ window button of the apps’ window. According to leaked information of the Windows 11 beta version, the options of different snap layouts available vary based on the display’s physical properties.

Ultra-wide displays have more layout options as compared to traditional/standard displays. You would need to create a Snap Layout before a Snap Group. Choose the apps in each box of the layout to adjust it according to your liking and work requirements. 

How do Snap Layouts work?

Snap Layouts work as follows:

  1. Open all the programs you want to work on. 
  2. Pull one window to the front of the screen and hover your mouse on the Maximize button (on the top-right and second from the left).
  3. You will see six layout options to snap your open windows from which you can choose one. These snap layouts are:
  • Two windows at an even length
  • Two windows with one bigger side
  • Three vertical windows at even length
  • Four windows in a grid
  • Three windows with one side bigger
Windows 11 Snap Layouts
  1. After choosing one Snap Layout, you can tile the opened programs in each section available in the layout according to your choice. 
  2. After this, your screen will be organized and you can get easy access to multiple apps.

Snap Groups

Windows 11 new feature, Snap Groups are the set of open programs that you adjusted and saved in the Snap Layouts. You can see the app individually and in layout as well in the taskbar. Snap Groups make access to all multiple programs easy. A visually clean interface allows you to multitask and increase productivity at work.

Windows 11 Snap Groups

Smart Layouts – SmartWindows

SmartWindows introduces a special feature ‘Smart Layouts’ specifically for Windows 11. Smart Layouts allow you to restore the Snap Layouts with one click. They help restore the Windows positioning and Window sizes according to the layout you saved previously. SmartWindows saves the screen configuration you create on manual arrangement of apps or using Snap Layouts. 

SmartWindows supports auto-restoration capability in unlimited profiles and up to 6 displays. 

Create your work zone once and you can restore it anytime on one or many screens. SmartWindows empowers your productivity at work in Windows 11. It saves your time for making Snap Layouts again every time you get started on work. You can pull your presets anytime for study, work, or entertainment. Make your Windows snapping more powerful with the fusion of Windows 11 and SmartWindows.


SmartWindows empowers your productivity at work in Windows 11. SmartWidnows allows you to restore the entire Snap Groups with one click.

Snap Layouts vs Smart Layouts

Snap Layouts is one exclusive feature of Windows 11 updates that allows you to organize multiple desktop apps into the given layouts. It provides you access to a unified interface where you can easily switch between the applications. A fish-eye view of all apps and an organized work zone allow you to work efficiently on multiple windows. However, in Snap Layouts, you can not overlap one window over the other. On resizing, the other windows adjust their size accordingly.

Smart Layouts, on the other hand, give your Windows 11 capability to restore the Snap Groups anytime. All you need to do is save the screen configuration once you have created the Snap Groups. You can create separate Snap Groups on multiple products and displays. SmartWidnows allows you to restore the entire Snap Groups with one click. Contrary to Snap Groups, you can manually arrange apps on screen, overlap, and save screen configuration that you can restore anytime.

SmartWindows fully supports your Windows 11 with the following features:

  • Restore Snap Groups with Smart Layouts.
  • Arrange and adjust multiple apps on a screen, save, and restore anytime.
  • Remember the size and position of the window of each app.
  • Restore multiple browsers and tabs with respective URLs.
  • Restore MS Office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project, etc.
  • Intelligent app positioning and restoration.
  • Create and save Snap Groups on multiple displays and profiles.

So get Smart Layouts by SmartWindows to boost your productivity along with Windows 11 Snap Layouts!

Get the app now with a 30-day free trial!

Microsoft Announced Windows 11 Release Date: What to Expect?

Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 release date i.e. October 5, 2021. The Windows 11 update will be available for the eligible users of Windows 10. Microsoft Windows 11 is designed primarily with two major peculiarities – productivity and creativity.

So let’s dive deep into the features Windows 11 is offering.

Highlights of Windows 11

Below are the distinguished features of the Windows 11 release.

  • The sound and design are more clean and fresh.
  • With Start, you could see your recent files.
  • Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and Desktops allow you to multitask and optimize your screen. 
  • Microsoft Teams will come with this new release into the taskbar.
  • It promotes a gaming environment with strong support for the system’s hardware. 
  • The rebuilt Microsoft Store will make it easy for you to discover your favorite apps.
  • Windows 11 is coming up with optimized speed, improving customer experiences with digital pen, touch, and voice input.

What could be the Useful Features of Windows 11?

If we look at each feature of Windows 11, the major improvements are made in the area of productivity and user interface. Windows 11 (as also leaked in Windows 11 beta version) is giving Snap Groups and Snap Layouts that allow you to configure your screen automatically when you are working on more than one desktop app. By hovering your mouse to the maximize button of an app’s window, you would be able to choose one from the given layouts. By clicking on a layout, you will be able to snap all your apps’ windows into place. It organizes all your apps and adjusts their window size automatically on the screen.

Other than this, Windows 11 has updated UI, speed, and performance. All the other features are the same as in Windows 10. If you are a gamer, Windows 11 provides you with a supportive environment that suits all the hardware and memory needs of your game. 

How to Gear Up Windows 11 With SmartWindows?

There’s never been a better time to boost your Windows experience!

With a PC upgrade to Windows 11, be ready to elevate yourself at work with SmartWindows. 

SmartWindows is one full-featured productivity software fully compatible with your Windows 11 with enhanced properties and capabilities. An amazing fusion of SmartWindows and Windows 11 will take your Windows experience to the next level. It allows you to multitask in much more efficient and powerful ways. 

So whether you use a single, dual, or a multi-monitor setup, it gives you more hands at work by making your Windows 11 even smarter. SmartWindows provides the following features to Windows 11.

Multi-Tab & Multi-Browser Support: SmartWindows supports multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. It remembers the tabs and URLs you were working on one or many browser windows. You do not need to manually restore the tabs in each browser every time, SmartWindows does it for you with a single click. Give your Windows 11 the capability to automatically restore a dozen tabs and multiple browser windows without wasting your precious time.

Auto-Restoration & Auto-Arrangement: SmartWindows remembers where you have positioned the window of each app on the screen. It also remembers the size of each app’s window you adjusted. Make your Windows 11 ‘Snap Layouts’ smart with SmartWindows ‘Smart Layouts’. SmartWindows remembers windows size and position on the screen, allows you to save the current state of your display, and restore it anytime on one or many screens. 

Even if you don’t use Snap Layouts in Windows 11, you can make your own work zones by arranging apps according to your liking on screen. You can make multiple layouts on multiple profiles, for instance, separately for study, work, and entertainment and gaming, etc. Just arrange the apps, save the screen configuration with SmartWindows and restore it whenever you want. See how simple and smart it is!

MS Office Files Support: SmartWindows fully supports multiple MS Office files which include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, etc. If you are working on these multiple files at the same time and have used Snap Layouts for power window snapping, you can just save the layout with SmartWindows and can restore it anytime. With this, you do not need to manually open each file every time and snap the screen. With just one click, you are ready to continue with SmartWindows.

Multiple Display: SmartWindows provides you support for up to 6 displays. You can create six different work layouts as you want and can restore them anytime. For instance, create work zones for different projects, study, and entertainment. Save their screens’ states with SmartWindows and restore them anytime. You can switch to any layout according to your work needs and mood swings. Cool, isn’t it?

Unlimited Profiles: SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles. Manage your data, files, and apps and organize everything efficiently. Empower your every profile in Windows 11 with SmartWindows. Save your time arranging and restoring apps every time before getting started to work. Advance your work experience in the best operating system, Windows 11 with the use of SmartWindows.


SmartWindows introduces ‘Smart Layouts’ for Windows 11. Smart Layouts make Snap Layouts of Windows 11 capable of auto-restoration.

‘Smart Layouts’ – Give Wings to your Windows 11!

Windows 11 has introduced a unique feature of ‘Snap Layouts’. You can access the snap layouts by hovering the mouse on the maximize button of a window or by using the shortcut Win + Z. Click on the menu and you will be able to see the available layouts. Click on a zone to snap a window. All the apps you have opened on your desktop screen will be arranged according to your chosen zone. This feature allows you to multitask and increase productivity at work. It enables users to work on multiple apps side by side and arrange them automatically without spending time, manually resizing each app’s window and positioning it on the screen.

Imagine how Windows 11 and SmartWindows duo brings fluency to your work.

With the release of Windows 11, the manifold use-cases of SmartWindows have made the life of Windows users easier than ever before. SmartWindows introduces ‘Smart Layouts’ for Windows 11. Smart Layouts make Snap Layouts of Windows 11 capable of auto-restoration.

This means you can save the entire layout in Windows 11 and can restore it with one click using SmartWindows without even opening apps again. Smart Layouts eliminate the need of opening apps every time and remember the layout you have already chosen from the Snap Layouts. The layout is saved as it is in your SmartWindows profile and you can restore it anytime on one or many screens. SmartWindows’ Smart Layouts allows you to create multiple presets for study, work, and entertainment, save each layout and restore them anytime. 

As we all know the Windows 11 release date so prepare yourself for an amazing experience with the Windows 11-SmartWindows duo

Get Windows 11 Features in Windows 10 with SmartWindows


Microsoft has launched Windows 11 beta version on 24 June 2021. The beta version of Windows 11 comes with plenty of features and improvements. Courtesy of the leaks of the upcoming OS, Windows 11 has a fresh start menu, redesigned taskbar, Snap Layouts, Desktops, and an overall improved UI. However, it still appears to use many other components from Windows 10. Microsoft has been working on Windows Desktop10X that was intended primarily for dual screens. However, that idea has been shelved and Microsoft is now going ahead with Windows 11.

With the new snap features, PC users would be able to position their apps on multiple displays quite easily. Users can position their mouse on the maximize button or right-click on it to see the different split options available and choose the one to their liking. Snap Layouts and Desktops are designed to help users better organize their windows and desktop layouts to keep things aesthetically clean. Creating separate desktops for work, home, or projects would be possible via the new desktop feature. It will become easy for the user to manage the clutter on the screen. 

Windows 11 Release Date

After six years, Microsoft’s first major operating system update is going to release. As announced, Windows 11 release date is October 5, 2021. It would be a major software update that would be available for all compatible PCs later this year.

The Windows users are now excited about the Windows 11 app positioning feature on multiple displays. This latest release of Windows allows you to increase productivity at work by accessing the desktop apps from a unified interface. It looks like Microsoft has taken a leaf out of our book to bring separate desktops in Windows 11. SmartWindows serves the same purpose and makes your Windows 10 smarter enough with the same features. So why wait for Windows 11 when you can do much more with SmartWindows in Windows 10?


So why switch to Windows 11 when you are getting ten times more features in SmartWindows?

Improvements in Windows 11

The following are some features that Windows 11 is introducing or improving.

  • Windows 11 is improving multitasking features to do maximum work in less time. This update was supposed to be done in Windows 10X.
  • Snap Controls is a new feature in Windows 11. It is accessed through the maximize button on all apps. This feature resembles the cascade windows and allows users to snap the windows in a collage format at a specific position.
  • The start menu of Windows 11 is floating and it is placed in the center of the screen. You can move it back to the original place if you want to.
  • The apps in the start menu will be less scattered now as improvements are done to the interface.
  • Windows 11 has an upgraded interface for multitasking that gives four options to split the view and app’s screen.
  • It has an improved Microsoft App Store.
  • The startup sound is different in Windows 11.
  • The setting menu and file manager are unchanged. The animations look much better as shown in the leaked build.
  • Windows 11 brings more options for wallpapers. The setup experience is similar to that of Windows 10X.
  • Separate desktops for different user needs such as work, home, and projects

What are the Useful Features of Windows 11?

Based on the leaked features of Windows 11, there are major updates to how users will interact with and within Windows. The “Snap Controls” and “Desktops” are useful features that allow PC users to arrange the windows of multiple apps on the screen. They give the users access to multiple displays that contribute to increased productivity at work. This multitasking feature gives a 360-degree view of desktop applications and eliminates the excessive clicks to switch between multiple applications.

Get Enhanced Features with SmartWindows

SmartWindows brings “app positioning feature on multiple displays” with much more enhanced capabilities. It is an all-in-one package to make your Windows 10 smarter. Configure your applications and windows to the right places and size and create a profile in SmartWindows.  It remembers the window size and position of apps on Windows 10. It can restore all the display arrangements with just one click. The last saved files in Microsoft Office are reopened and all the tabs and respective URLs of multiple browsers without any manual effort. Similar to Desktops features, profiles can be used to depict different needs such as work, home, or projects. No version of Microsoft Windows gives you this number of features. 

Some Other Features of SmartWindows Include:

  • Unlimited user profiles on Windows 10.
  • Intelligent Application Positioning
  • Supports up to 6 displays on the desktop screen.
  • Multi-Browser & Tab Support (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  • Save and restore each user profile.
  • MS Office Files Support (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project)
  • Auto-arrange the apps with the same size and display position.

SmartWindows gives you more hands at work and eliminates excessive switches between applications. By creating profiles of applications, it allows you to keep entertainment and work separately. Whether it is about the ‘Snap Controls’ feature or ‘multitasking’, SmartWindows is feature-rich productivity software that allows you to work smart and not hard.

So why switch to Windows 11 when you are getting ten times more features in SmartWindows?

SmartWindows – Make Windows Smarter!