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Windows Split Screens vs Snap Layouts: What’s new?

Microsoft Windows Split Screens

Microsoft has always given powerful capabilities to its users to work efficiently. 

Split-screen in Windows 10 and Snap Layouts in Windows 11 have always served the purpose of maximizing productivity. These features enable the user to work on many apps simultaneously without switching between them back and forth in the taskbar. You can arrange apps on your desktop screen in such a way that access to more than one app could become easy. For example, by splitting screens, you can research and write at the same time.

Split Screen

With Split Screen in Windows 10, you can divide your screen from two to more portions based on your work preferences and the number of apps you are working on. 

How to Split Screen on Windows 10 using ‘Snap Assist’?

Follow the steps below to split screen on Windows 10.

You can also open and arrange the apps manually on your computer screen.

Both ways help you save time and work in a highly organized manner in Windows 10.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 has introduced an intuitive feature of ‘Snap Layouts’ and ‘Snap Groups’. Windows users can use these features to maximize productivity and multitask in a much more efficient way. Snap Layouts provide you with a clutter-free screen for a particular work zone. A visually clean interface makes it easy for you to work on multiple desktop apps at the same time. It also ensures a streamlined workflow.

Snap Layouts has 4-6 layout options depending on the screen resolution and size. For standard and ultra-wide screens, four and six layout options are available respectively. The users can select the one that best meets their work needs.

The six grid options of Snap Layouts include:

How to use Snap Layouts in Windows 11?

Follow the steps below to use Snap Layouts.

Snap Layouts enable an organized way to work and multitask.

Split-Screen & Snap Layouts – How Smart Layouts Boost Both?

Smart Layouts by SmartWindows empower the use of Split-screen and Snap Layouts in Windows 10 and 11 by giving them the capability to get auto-arranged on one or many screens with a single click.

Smart Layouts help Windows users to maximize work productivity by eliminating the overhead of arranging apps on the screen every time before getting started to work. Use Split-screen and Snap Layouts to set your work zones, study profiles, or entertainment presets. SmartWindows can be used to save the screen configuration. You can auto-restore the screen setting with one click whenever you need.

SmartWindows helps Windows users:

Make Windows more powerful with SmartWindows!

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