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How to Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming – Useful Tips

Microsoft proudly asserts that Windows 11 reigns as the ultimate operating system for PC gaming. However, even ardent gamers occasionally beg to differ.

While Windows 11 eagerly strides towards becoming the next ubiquitous Windows OS, a handful of areas demand refinement, particularly in gaming. For example, many gamers have raised concerns about challenges like lackluster FPS (frames per second), frustrating lags, and unforeseen crashes. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll see how to optimize Windows 11 for gaming. So, let’s get started!

Turn On Gaming Mode

Game Mode possesses the potential to revolutionize your gaming performance, unlocking a new level of excellence. By harnessing this feature, a cascade of benefits is set into motion. Game Mode dynamically reallocates precious system resources, channeling them towards gaming applications. In this harmonious state, distractions fade, and extra background activities are gracefully curtailed. Prepare for an immersive gaming experience where every moment is optimized for sheer enjoyment.

To enable Game Mode on Windows 11 and explore alternative gaming enhancements:

  • Open Settings (Windows key + S, search for “settings”).
  • Select Gaming, then Game mode.
  • Slide the toggle switch to On.

If Game Mode isn’t sufficient:

  • Consider using third-party tools like Razer Cortex.
  • Refer to our guide on boosting frame rate without a new GPU for additional tips.

Disable the “Enhance Pointer Precision” Option

One crucial step to optimize your gaming experience on Windows 11 is turning off the Enhance Pointer Precision option, a form of mouse acceleration imposed by default. This feature alters the cursor’s movement speed based on the velocity of your mouse movements, which can prove detrimental in gaming scenarios where precise and swift cursor control is paramount. Let’s embark on the journey of disabling this option to unlock your mouse’s true potential:

  1. Access the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key + S and searching for “Control Panel.”
  2. Choose “Hardware and Sound” and proceed to select “Mouse” from the “Devices and Printers” section.
  3. Go to the “Pointer Options” tab and deselect the checkbox next to “Enhance pointer precision.”

Pause Automatic Windows Updates

While it’s generally not recommended to disable automatic updates in Windows, there are ways to temporarily pause them without resorting to registry hacks. Microsoft offers a valuable feature that allows you to temporarily pause automatic updates, providing a useful way to prevent interruptions during gaming sessions.

To pause automatic updates in Windows, follow these steps:

  • Begin by opening the Settings screen. You can do this by pressing the Windows key and S simultaneously to initiate a search, then type “Settings” and select it from the results.
  • Click “Windows Update” in the Settings menu in the left menu.
  • In the Windows Update settings, select the “More options” section.
  • Within the “More options” section, you will find the option to “Pause updates.” Click on it to temporarily halt automatic updates.

Update the Windows 

Regularly updating your Windows 11 OS is crucial, just like updating your GPU drivers, to ensure optimal performance and functionality on your PC. Check for any pending OS updates before installing games and applications on your PC. These usually come with performance and user experience improvements.

  • Read the guide on how to install Windows 11 updates for instructions if needed.
  • Remember that Windows won’t automatically update on metered connections, so check for updates periodically if you’re on one.

Change the DNS

To change DNS settings on Windows 11 for improved online gaming:

  • Press Win + I keys to open Settings.
  • Click on “Network & Internet” in the left pane.
  • Select “Properties”.
  • Next to DNS server assignment, choose “Edit”.
  • Select “Manual” from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn on the IPv4 toggle switch.
  • Enter the desired DNS entries.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Restart your browser to apply the changes and enjoy an enhanced online gaming session.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with SmartWindows

SmartWindows is a must-have productivity app for gamers, enabling efficient management of gaming and work setups on a single PC. Create unlimited profiles and displays for work, study, and entertainment. 

Effortlessly switch between configurations with the ability to save and restore profiles. SmartWindows optimizes your PC setup, ensuring seamless transitions between gaming and work environments and enhancing productivity and gaming experience.


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Is Windows 11 optimized for gaming yet?

Windows 11 achieves slightly higher scores overall. However, when specifically evaluating frames per second (FPS) performance during gameplay, Windows 11 may occasionally yield slightly lower results. It’s worth noting that Windows 11 demonstrates improved FPS performance in certain games compared to other operating systems.

How do I optimize Windows 11 defender for gaming performance?

Optimize Windows 11 for gaming by:

  • Disabling “Memory integrity” in Windows Security.
  • Disabling “Virtual Machine Platform” in Windows Features.
  • Remember to re-enable these features for security after gaming.

How do I optimize my PC for gaming?

  • Keep your graphic drivers up to date.
  • Minimize background apps to free up system resources.
  • Ensure game mode is activated for the optimal gaming experience.
  • Fine-tune your mouse settings for precise control.
  • Adjust your monitor refresh rate for smoother visuals.
  • Turn off Nagle’s algorithm to reduce network latency.
  • Utilize faster DNS servers for improved online gaming.
  • Consider using OMEN Gaming Hub for additional optimization features.

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