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Learn How SmartWindows helps Social Media Managers with Multi-Browser Support

A social media manager is supposed to manage various social media accounts and projects at once. From Buffer Publish to Zoho and Loomly to Tailwind, a social media manager is working on multiple apps. For this, it is important to ensure efficient management of all the accounts and profiles to avoid the hassle. By running more than one browser and tabs, you can stay logged in to the sites with multiple profiles. Social media managers use various apps to help manage social media. These apps play a vital role in streamlining the workflow and increase productivity at work. SmartWindows is one feature-rich productivity app that makes social media management easy for you.

A social media manager can now easily create unlimited profiles and accounts to manage the social network. You can check how your website is working in different browsers and download various different extensions in multiple browsers according to the nature of work. Moreover, if you are working on just one project, you can run multiple instances of a program and use multiple accounts simultaneously. 

Below are some ways how SmartWindows assists social media managers.

Run Multiple Browsers

Use any or multiple browsers of your choice at the same time. Whether it be Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, each browser runs independently from the other. You can create multiple accounts in each browser and customize them according to your liking. From history to extension, and bookmarks to the toolbar layout, tailor each browser based on the nature of tasks you have on your plate. It becomes easy to use a dedicated browser and avoid cumbersome yet time-consuming activities. 

Separate web browsers are always a good choice as they do not interact with each other. When multiple browsers are open, you can easily switch to the other. To avoid excessive clicks one way of doing this is by resizing the size of the window of each browser and adjusting its position on the screen. It will eliminate extreme switching between multiple browser windows every now and then. A visually clean and organized interface will make it easy to switch between multiple browsers. SmartWindows remembers the window size and display position of each app on the screen. Arrange the windows of browsers on the screen according to your liking and save the screen configuration in SmartWindows Profile. The next time you open your PC, click restore and SmartWindows will auto-arrange each browser window at exactly the same position on the screen along with the tabs and URLs.

Restore Browsers and Tabs

Sometimes, the browser window gets closed accidentally. Also, they get closed simply when you turn off your PC. At every startup, you need to manually open each browser and its tabs. SmartWindows eliminates this overhead with its multi-browsers and multi-tab support. It allows you to open as many browsers on your computer as you want. Open hundreds of tabs in each browser and save your SmartWindows profile. On your next startup, click ‘restore’ and SmartWindows will reopen all the closed tabs of multiple browsers with just a single click.

Multiple Profiles and Sessions

Create unlimited profiles on your PC using SmartWindows. You can use multiple browsers on each profile to avoid any effect on the performance of your computer. So many browser windows opened at once could introduce lag in switching between the tabs. You can also dedicate each user profile to a specific project that will help you both with social media data and profile management. In each profile, you can also create multiple sessions of each browser and work on different Gmail accounts. For posting and back-links, you might use tens of Gmail accounts and so it becomes quite overwhelming to change accounts every time you go to a new tab. SmartWindows eliminates this headache by allowing you to create unlimited profiles and dedicate each to specific tasks.

Multiple Displays

SmartWindows allows you to create up to 6 displays. You can view each window or separate browsers on each display to prevent mess. A dedicated display will make it easy to navigate between the tabs of the same task. SmartWindows gives your Windows 10 and Windows 11capability to restore the browsers and tabs of each display with just one click. It is one of the most useful apps to‌ help‌ manage social media accounts and profiles.

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