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Fire Up your Entertainment Profile with SmartWindows

Entertainment Profile

Work-from-home has turned everyone to their personal computers to remain productive. If you feel tangled between documents, watching Netflix, browsing, or gaming tabs next to emails, you will be glad to know that SmartWindows can help you separate your work life from your personal life on Windows 10 and 11.

Manage your entertainment life on Windows 10 and Windows 11 by creating separate Windows profiles or displays that give you a customized environment. Empower your productivity and enjoy your personal life to the full with a modern experience. 
The following are some ways to fire up your entertainment profile with SmartWindows.

Create Multiple Profiles

The best way to utilize your personal computer for both work and entertainment is that you create multiple user profiles. Each profile would serve the ultimate purpose of work, games, learning, etc. separately. You can add or remove the user profile on Windows 10 & 11 as well. Moreover, if you have more than one PC user at home, creating multiple profiles can help each user. SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It offers you the flexibility of working on multiple profiles and displays. For instance, a work profile will help you:

  • Use multiple browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
  • Work on Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, etc.)
  • Code on IDEs (PyCharm, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Android Studio, etc.)
  • Create designs on your favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

A dedicated work profile helps you manage desktop applications related to work in an efficient manner. It allows easy access to apps through the visually clean interface. Similarly, an entertainment profile can be devoted to:

  • Netflix
  • Games
  • Music
  • Youtube/Streaming
  • Online Shopping
  • Social Media

And more…

Separate profiles help you manage your personal and work life effectively without jumbling up things and actions. Moreover, SmartWindows gives you the ability to make presets and group the most-used desktop apps on the display screen. Once you have set the layout according to your liking, save the screen configuration in SmartWindows. It also remembers the window size and the display position of all apps on the desktop screen. With just one click, the apps will pull up every time you startup your computer or decide to switch between work and entertainment.

Switch to the work profile when you are on job and similarly to the entertainment profile in your spare time. Make layouts of apps on separate desktops for each part of your life and customize them according to your taste. Imagine having separate desktops for school, gaming, and work.

Use Different Browsers

Now use multiple browsers without compromising the system performance. SmartWindows allows you to use different browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. for defined purposes. Instead of accumulating browsers with hundreds of tabs both for entertainment and work that also slow down the system performance, create two profiles and open browsers and tabs in each separately. SmartWindows also gives you multi-tab and multi-browser support to open browsers in each profile or display for work and entertainment.  

You can also use separate user accounts on browsers. Set one default browser and you can switch to another anytime based on the task you are doing. SmartWindows also gives you the capability to auto-restore the browsers and tabs with one click. You do not need to manually reopen the tabs in each browser separately. Separate the browsers on different profiles to manage activities related to entertainment and work. Moreover, when tabs will be divided into multiple browsers on different profiles, your PC will ensure optimized performance and processing of apps.

Multiple Displays

SmartWindows supports up to 6 displays on each profile. SmartWindows has the ability to restore the app positioning and window size on each screen. You can create customized setups for work and entertainment purposes. You can easily switch between the custom displays and eliminate the headache of finding apps and tabs in the mess. A 360-degree view of all apps will help you to multitask and switch between the apps seamlessly. Now use Windows profiles efficiently to organize your entertainment and work activities.

Make your Windows smarter with SmartWindows and boost up your entertainment and work profiles. Enjoy the custom-built user experience by enjoying the enhanced features of SmartWindows on your Windows

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