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For Teachers

Auto Arrange your Teaching Documents & Browser Windows with One Click!

How SmartWindows Helps Teachers?

SmartWindows is one of the best teacher tech tools that allow teachers to create separate profiles for multiple classes or subjects. Teachers can create multiple work profiles to manage the files, attendance, results, and lesson plans of different classes in an organized way. SmartWindows enables teachers to arrange apps on the screen and save time by restoring them anytime with a single click.

Separate Profiles for Different Classes

Teachers struggle with managing multiple files, assignments, lessons, and presentations for different classes on a single PC. SmartWindows enables teachers to create separate profiles for different classes and access the material efficiently. SmartWindows remembers the screen arrangement of each profile and allows you to restore it anytime on one or many screens.

MS Files Support

SmartWindows makes the use of MS Office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. easier for teachers. Its support for MS Office files allows teachers to restore the files at exactly the same position as they were arranged the last time. Save time and auto-arrange the screen with one click with SmartWindows.

Browser & Tab Support

SmartWindows supports multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. it remembers all the URLs and tabs of your online collaboration and teaching tools, teacher portal, online attendance system, and your research work. Reopen the closed tabs and browser windows with SmartWindows whenever you need. Make smart use of browsers to tackle your online teaching challenges.

Review Smartly

Multi-display support of SmartWindows enables teachers to create up to 6 work presets. Configure your display by opening and arranging the app windows on the desktop screen. Review the progress of students and prepare results with a 360-degree view of all files. Save the display and restore it anytime.

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