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How to Connect PS4 Controller to Windows 11 – Explained

Gaming consoles provide an immersive gaming experience. While you can also play games on a Windows PC or laptop, the quality and feel of console games are exceptional. PlayStation 5 is in high demand and hard to find. Despite this, many individuals stick with their trusty PS4 instead of upgrading.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, has been released, and people are interested in how to connect a PS4 controller to it. In this article, we’ll discuss how to connect ps4 controller to pc windows 11. So, let’s get started! 

DualShock 4 Compatibility with Windows 11

Many people wonder if the DualShock 4 controller can be used with Windows 11. The answer is yes – Windows 11 is compatible with the DualShock 4.

However, the actual compatibility between these two devices can be more complicated. You might feel frustrated if the DS4 doesn’t work with specific games. Windows prefers the Xbox console for better compatibility with Windows 10 and 11, although it still maintains its own console.

If your Bluetooth connection isn’t working well, it could be because your Bluetooth driver is outdated. This is a factor to bear in mind when resolving the problem. Keep your Bluetooth driver updated for better controller performance and connectivity. Keeping your Bluetooth driver current is one of the best steps to enhance compatibility.

How Can You Connect PS4 Controller to Windows 11 

Connecting Your PS4 DualShock 4 Controller to Steam

Steam, a widely-used gaming platform, supports connecting the DualShock 4 controller. To set up a PS4 controller with Steam:

  • Download and launch the latest Steam client on your PC. Log in to your Steam account.
  • Connect your controller to the PC. You have two options to connect via a wired USB connection or wirelessly through Bluetooth for gameplay.
  • To pair your PS4 controller with your computer via Bluetooth, simply hold down the PS and Share buttons until the light bar starts flashing.
  • Open the Windows 11 Settings (press Windows key + I) and go to the “Bluetooth & devices” section. Click on the “Add device” option.
  • Select the found PS4 controller under Bluetooth and connect it. It may be identified as a PS4 Wireless Controller.
  • Return to the Steam interface and click the Steam button at the top-left corner. Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Controller” in Steam Settings and select “General Control Settings” on the right-hand side.
  • Check the box for “PlayStation configuration support.
  • Now, you have the option to personalize your controller settings for Steam.

However, if this method doesn’t work for you and your PS4 controller isn’t detected by the game you’re attempting to play on Steam, you might find the next method helpful.

Connecting a PS4 Controller using DS4Windows 

Using DS4Window involves a few additional steps, but it enables you to use your PS4 controller on your PC by tricking the system into recognizing it as an Xbox 360 controller. Rest assured; this method works seamlessly with PS4 controllers as well.

To connect a PS4 controller to a PC using DS4Windows:

  1. Go to the DS4Window website and get the newest software version.
  2. Unzip the files and open DS4Windows.
  3. To start installing, just follow the instructions on the screen in the new window.
  4. Connect your PS4 controller after installation. Plug it into a USB port or use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.
    • Your PC will automatically detect the controller for a USB connection, and you’re set to play games.
    • To connect via Bluetooth, hold down the PS and Share buttons until the controller light begins blinking.
  5. Connect your controller and open DS4Window. Once it’s connected, select “C” to the controller and then click “Finish” to start using it. This process works for PS4 controllers.

When Your PS4 Controller Appears as an Xbox Controller on Steam

Using a PS4 controller on Windows offers benefits but can come with certain challenges. In certain games, you might notice that your PS4 controller’s layout resembles an Xbox controller’s. PS4 controller emulation in Steam causes the issue.

No need to worry, though. Simply become familiar with the Xbox button layout:

  • Cross = A
  • Circle = B
  • Triangle = Y
  • Square = X
  • R1 = RT
  • R2 = RB
  • L1 = LT
  • L2 = LB

To resolve this, we recommend connecting your PS4 controller to your Windows PC to ensure the correct PlayStation button setup is configured. This way, you can enjoy your games with the appropriate button layout.


Enhancing your gaming experience on your PC is easy with Windows 11. Whether you opt for Steam integration, DS4Window software, or other methods, seamlessly using your PS4 controller brings a new level of convenience and enjoyment to your gaming sessions. Once you follow the steps and set it up correctly, you can use your PS4 controller to play your favorite games.

SmartWindows improves gaming on Windows 11 with user-focused features such as compatibility, customization, and community-driven options. Due to its user-friendly design, gamers can anticipate an engrossing and immersive gaming experience.


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Why Is My Bluetooth Not Detecting My PS4 Controller Windows 11?

If your PS4 controller isn’t recognized or keeps disconnecting from Windows 11 Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Reboot your Windows 11 PC.
  • Before using your DS4 controller, ensure that it has a full charge.
  • To access Bluetooth settings on Windows 11, simply press the Windows key and “I” to open Settings. From there, select “Bluetooth & devices.”
  • Locate your PS4 controller in the list of connected devices and disconnect it by removing or unpairing it.
  • Ensure your controller is charged.

How do I add a wireless controller to Windows 11?

  • Type “Bluetooth” into the Windows search bar.
  • Ensure Bluetooth discovery is enabled.
  • Power on your PS4 controller.
  • Keep pressing the Sync button until the Guide light flashes.
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu on your PC and select “Add device.”
  • Your computer will search for your controller.

Why can’t my PC find my PS4 controller?

To troubleshoot the issue of a connected PS4 controller not being detected on a Windows PC through Bluetooth, you can try the following steps:

  • Disable Bluetooth on your computer. You can do this in the Windows Action Center or Windows Settings.
  • Hold on for just a moment.
  • To use Bluetooth, turn it back on your computer.
  • Attempt to pair your PS4 controller to your device once more.

Why is my PC not picking up my controller?

Your PC might not detect your controller due to:

Port Compatibility

Ensure your controller works with your USB port (USB 2.0 or 3.0).

Controller Compatibility 

Check controller compatibility with PC and game.

XInput API 

Some games need the XInput API. If your controller doesn’t support it, it might not work correctly in those games.

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