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Supercharge Your PC's Performance

Get FastWindows to boost your productivity and make the most out of your hardware.

Fast Features

Unlock the full potential of your PC

Puts you in control of your PC by prioritizing those programs that need more resources to perform faster and smoother against those programs that are not so demanding on the CPU.

Annoyed by laggy apps and sluggish computer performance?

Prioritize apps

Ready for lightning-fast app performance? Try FastWindows. Prioritize your favorite apps automatically, ensuring a smoother, faster experience. Plus, FastWindows allows you to customize your app priorities too.

Say no to upgrades

Take control of your PC software’s performance with FastWindows’ resource allocation tool for faster and smoother operation – no hardware upgrades needed.

The ultimate tool for Busy Professionals!

Give more resources to the top priority app

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US $19.99

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Auto arrange all your windows, whether on one screen or many with a single click!

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