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Cutting-Edge SmartWindows Technology For High-Performance IT

Key Features


SmartWindows streamlines and optimizes the way you work. It is perfect for professionals looking to optimize the overall IT experience and improve their performance. Resume working almost instantaneously by reopening active applications at your convenience, whether a technical glitch or an unexpected event causes systems to crash. The feature-rich SmartWindows is the best multi-monitor software available in the market today.


Create a New Profile

From the System Tray menu, create a new profile, give it a name, and click ‘Save’. You can generate as many profiles as you want. SmartWindows saves the locations, applications, and all the tabs opened in the browser. These sophisticated features allow you to save the hassle of routinely tossing windows between monitors.

Restore a Profile

When you save a specific profile and open it, it will take you to all the applications that appear on your system’s displays. You will also get access to a list of populated profiles when you click ‘Restore Profile’ on the main menu.



With a simple click on a profile, you retrieve all saved applications. Users working with multiple workspaces within Windows can easily use several displays at one time. In another scenario, Smart Windows dynamically relocates user applications.


Sometimes, users work with numerous applications that do not automatically reset their positions. You may find yourself dealing with an inaccessible window wandering in space. Or, maybe you have two displays or more installed to your computer that are currently not there, or some bug took place when resetting the position of the application. With a few clicks, you can pull these windows back into the viewable space on your monitor. Arranging your windows manually enables you to quicken the process and improve its accuracy. You can achieve this by snapping a particular edge of the dragged window to desktop or monitor boundaries and other windows.

Quick Setup

SmartWindows is remarkably intuitive and easy to deploy. With simple and minimal configurations, users can get their systems up and running in no time. These features and benefits facilitate consistency at the workplace as well as the ability to increase productivity by tenfold.


Browser Management

When it comes to browser mode, enter the profile name to proceed to save. For example, if you have three tabs, the system saves their URLs, allowing you to go to the main menu and click ‘Restore’. This action will open the closed tab. Dynamic relocation expands on the feature above as users may have the same tabs in different Windows. What are their original positions, and in which Windows do users need to move them to? Intelligent features compare saved tabs to identify the Windows with maximum matches.

Handle Applications Not Part of Profile

Users may handle Windows that are not a part of their profile, and the ‘Configurations’ option in the context addresses this need. We can minimize or close the profiles in which we did not save our applications. To elaborate, let’s consider the example of Microsoft Paint when it is open. However, as it is not a part of the ‘work’ profile, SmartWindows will minimize or close it depending on the user’s configuration. The minimize option is selected by default.

Unlimited Opportunities

If you wish to override your profile by adding new windows or removing existing windows from your profile, click ‘Save As’. The system will then add an additional tab to the browser. You can save it using the same name in your profile, as well as save limitless tabs.


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System Requirements

Windows 10 (version 1909 and lower) / 8 / 7
*Start menu skinning on Windows 8 and Windows 10 requires Start8 or Start10.

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